When it comes to conversations about social injustice and race, Twitter has produced quite a few hashtags and conversations around the issues. #WhatIsBlackPrivilege, started by @ChaosGawd, is a satirical look at the “privileges” afforded to black people on a daily basis.

Take a look at a few of the gems:









Clutchettes, sound off in the comment section, #WhatIsBlackPrivilege?

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  • #whatisblackprivilege? When a non-black person gives up their seat on the train for a man and ignores the pregnant black woman that is standing in front of him.
    I was shock reading this until I remember I have seen this before on public transportation. The rest of the passengers went off on that man.

    When you’re told to carry boxes that contain reams of copy paper b/c your white counterparts are “feminine and women”. #whatisblackprivilege
    This is disturbing

  • Black Privilege is never having to hear the all the crap white people come out with behind your back.

  • I borrowed this from a previous user from another message board based on Katie Couric’s “newfound” fondness for “Lil” Wayne. So, I can’t take full credit. However, here it goes:


    Black privilege is when White People love you when you act ignorant and say “Im a nig-ga and so is all my boys” and they call you a genius as a result . But when you say “I am an intelligent human being” ,they want to hang you from a tree.