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Over the last couple of years, bullying has been brought to the attention of mainstream media, sadly because of the suicides of the bullied.

Bullying isn’t a new phenomenon, but to see it played out on social media is.  Take for example, the now infamous “Sharkeisha” fight video. The video shows one girl, 16-year-old Sharkeisha, brutally attacking , 17-year-old Shamichael Manuel, while other girls stood around and did absolutely nothing. The video went viral, after it was posted on World Star Hip Hop,  Sharkeisha is currently facing charges, and Shamichael is still recovering from the beating and hasn’t returned to school.

Several people could have stopped the fight. Even before it escalated to the first hit. But no one did.  Why is it that people choose to stand around and let people get bullied?

Yousef Saleh Erakat’s Youtube channel, FouseyTUBE is one of the social network’s most popular channels.  Erakat’s videos include comedy sketches about growing up Middle Eastern, as well as social injustice videos.

Erakat’s latest video addresses bullying and uses a college campus as the setting. “The Bullying Experiment” doesn’t question the bully or the bullied, but people who see it happening and do nothing at all to stop it.

Take a look at “The Bullying Experiment”:

Growing up there were plenty of times as I was leaving school and witnessed bullying which escalated into fights. But what I do remember back then, compared to now, that people attempted to intervene. Whether they were adults or other kids, no one wanted to stand around and see a fight happen. Even my grandmother stopped her car and jumped out to break up an incident between two high schoolers.

But nowadays, it seems as though people would rather turn a blind eye and not intervene.  Erakat  ended his video with the following quote, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”.

Clutchettes, have you ever been a witness to bullying or fighting and intervened or ignored it?  Why do you think some people would rather ignore it when it’s happening in front of their face?

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  • MommieDearest

    I have 3 words as to why alot of folks don’t intervene when someone is being attacked:

    People are crazy.

    In my younger days, I would say and do something when I saw a situation that was not cool.

    I once intervened when I saw 2 men leading a drunk woman into the woods. I also pulled over and asked a woman if I could give her a ride when I saw her standing in the sidewalk crying while a man was shouting at her.

    Now that I have a child, I know I would think twice about getting physically involved in a sketchy situation. However, I’ll say something, and will call the police from a safe distance.

  • victoria

    Call the police. Definitely. But will I physically intervene? Only if those involved were little children and then I will still think twice b/c parents are a mess and may accuse you of harming their children.

    When I taught in Chicago, teachers were told not to physically intervene due to parental accusations and law suits.

    I once called the police because my neighbor’s boyfriend was beating her. When the police arrived I heard them say, “Your neighbor reported abuse.” I couldn’t believe they did that. The next day my new car was damaged. And the gf stayed and continued to get beat.

    • Simone L

      i wish I could give the situation itself a thumbs down, but not your comment. You didn’t deserve that at all. You did the right thing. I always used to wonder if the police said ” so and so called..”. They put you in danger by saying you called. Ugh.

  • in the past i have intervened. i have stopped sisters from getting beat and i have definitely let a few brothers know that was not acceptable.

    i’m olde now but i would still do what i could.