Shawanna Thompson

A customer claims a Houston nail salon denied her service because of her weight. According to Shawanna Thompson, she was told her weight was a problem and she would probably break their pedicure chair.

“It was very shocking and astonishing that someone would come and out of the blue exclaim that I was too big to get a pedicure,” said Thompson.

The  manager at Airtex Nail Salon allegedly told Thompson that her chairs cost too much to have someone so big sitting in them.

“She said yes you are too big, our chairs cost $2,000 and you are going to break the chair. I said I have been here before.”

Thompson said if the salon wants to have a weight restriction, they should apply them consistently. She said the policy should be posted so customers of all sizes can see it and decide whether they want to spend their money there. Thompson said many of her family and friends go to the salon, but she is encouraging them to boycott the establishment.

Thompson says she’s never going back and just wants others to learn from this experience.

“You have a choice. You don’t ever have to take any disrespect or discrimination. You have to say something about it.”

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  • JS

    Shes been there before? Well maybe last time she actually broke the chair lol.

  • Apple

    I believe they told her that to her face. Sometimes foreign people will tell you the meanest shit and not think twice. I don’t think she’s that big, big enough to fix a chair that sturdy

  • Starla

    Sometimes people just don’t want you in their establishment. Just because someone served you and did not say anything negative to your face does not mean they enjoyed serving you, or want you to return.

  • I admire her for taking a stand, but people will always be ignorant. Had that happened to me, I would have just gone to the another salon. Life is too short and you have to learn to pick your battles.

  • Running a business you should never alienate potential customers and regulars especially when you are running something like a nail shop where they are so many in a short distance. I have never gotten pedicure but from what I have seen looking in nail shops those chairs are prop on something that seems pretty sturdy.