Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 7.03.26 PMWomen get a bad rap when it comes to initiating sex, and while it’s true that being assertive about asking for what we want can be tough for some of us, there are about a million different situations that might inspire us to throw a man on the bed and tell him what’s up. We don’t always need a scented candle burning and a deep talk about our feelings to get us in the mood. Sometimes we just need to be cheered up after watching a documentary about peak oil. Or maybe we’re avoiding doing a formidable pile of laundry. Or maybe we were weirdly turned on by an offhanded sexual comment made by a guy we weren’t even attracted to 5 minutes ago. The point? There are tons of times when we have no problem going after a penis we want. Here are a few of them…

1. We just watched a really depressing documentary on Netflix and now I need to be cheered up.

2. I’m annoyed with you and know an orgasm is a shortcut to forgiveness.

3. I just had a soul-crushing convo with my mother, and you are holding me, and oh, now I want to make love to you!

4. We’ve been laying on the couch and I got bored.

5. The “Oh my god you remembered to buy the kind of half and half I like and I’m so in love with you right now” sex.

6. The “I can’t bear to watch anymore football so I will distract you by taking off my underwear” sex.

7. The ” Whoa! I didn’t think I was in the mood but now I am!” sex.

8. I don’t feel like having this serious conversation anymore, let’s have sex instead.

9. Oh my God! In this light, from this angle you kinda looked like Ryan Reynolds for a second and I want to have fantasy celebrity sex.

10. The “I can’t stand to hear you talk about your boring job anymore but you have a nice body” sex.

11. I’ve had one drink more than my maximum and I don’t give a fuck so let’s fuck.

12. The “I want to see how my new manicure looks while grabbing your ass” sex.

13. I used to have a crush on you and you didn’t want me but now you do and I don’t, but I’m going to fuck you anyway out of pride.

14. The “You just killed it at a party with my friends and they love you and I’m so relieved” sex.

15. I wore hot lingerie today for no particular reason but now I really want to put it to good use.

16. The “I haven’t gotten laid in literally months so anyone will do” sex.

17. I just saw you play a gig and now I must fuck you even though you’re not as hot up close as you were on stage.

18. You just cooked me the most amazing ratatouille I’ve ever had and now I want to thank you with sex.

19. The “You said something so provocative that it got under my skin and I can only think of you sexually now even though i’m not that attracted to you” sex.

20. The “You are fucking talented” fuck.

21. I just got a new haircut and want to see how the layers swing around when I fuck you really hard.

22. Or … I just got a new haircut and I feel ugly and want you to screw the ugly out of me.

23. The “You said exactly the thing I wanted you to say exactly when I wanted you to say it” sex.

24. The house is a mess and I’m avoiding cleaning it, so we might as well hump instead.

25. The “I remember what you looked like 10 years ago and you were so fucking hot” sex.


The Frisky

This post originally appeared on The Frisky. Republished with permission.

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