Lakeisha Shurn

It’s the New Year and you know what that means: People all over the world are trying to drop those unwanted pounds. While many get discouraged by March, LaKeisha Shurn decided to stick to her healthy new habit by putting herself on blast.

Shurn signed up for the #GiveIt100 challenge, which encourages people to try something new for 100 days, because she was depressed and wanted to change her life. In the first video she admits, “I have low self-esteem, I am going through depression, and I want to change all of that,” and by the end of the challenge Shurn is a new woman.

In just 100 days Shurn lost 18 pounds (she’s shed over 50 pounds since last year) and is happier and more confident than ever before. By the end of her 100 day journey Shurn proudly proclaims, “I’ve found love in myself!”

Shurn is continuing her healthy new lifestyle and is inspiring others through her videos and on Twitter.

We wish her continued success!

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