Looks like not everyone wants to eat the cake. Popular British internet radio station Bang Radio is taking a stand against Jay Z’s Ike Turner reference on Beyoncé’s hit “Drunk In Love.”

The song, which features the husband-wife duo singing about being, well, drunk and in love, features a reference to a scene in the Tina Turner biopic What’s Love Got to Do With It. In the memorable scene Ike forces his wife to eat a slice of cake, or else experience yet another beat down. Although several people highlighted the lyric as problematic, it failed to become a big deal.

When the song first dropped Bang Radio didn’t realize the slick lyric referenced domestic violence, but once they figured it out they decided to take a stand. While Bang will continue playing “Drunk In Love,” they’ll do so without the line, “Eat the cake Anna Mae, I said eat the cake Anna Mae.”

Bang Media CEO Jennifer Ogole explained the decision:

The lyrics derive from the film What’s Love Got To Do With It –  the biopic of Tina Turner and her abusive relationship with her husband Ike Turner.  The lyrics controversially imitate a scene of severe domestic violence within the film, displaying promotion of domestic violence against women; in this light BANG refuse to play the song lyrics from henceforth on our station.

We believe in the unity of women and music and in no way condone violence, domestic or otherwise, especially not through the power of music…therefore, the decision has been made to wipe the stated lyrics from the song.

“We believe that ALL people, regardless of age, gender, sexuality or race should have the right to an enjoyable listen to our station without the promotion of such morals”.

We stand firm with our values and principles in our passion for social justice…Respectful of what our audience want to hear on BANG Radio, we feel this is the right action to take in regards to the controversial lyrics of the song and we will continue to serve in social equality for people through music and content on our station.

Imagine that. A radio station actually takes a stand for women? Who would have thunk it!

h/t MadNewsUK

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