Bobbi Kristina married

Bobbi Kristina has been keeping a somewhat low profile these past few months, but the 20-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown recently took to her Twitter page to announce that she is now “happily married” to her longtime boo/sorta play-brother, Nick Gordon.

The couple raised eyebrows when their relationship became the talk of gossip blogs and the subject of the short-lived reality show The Houstons: On Our Own. Back then, Bobbi’s aunt, Pat Houston, wasn’t too keen on her relationship with Gordon and admitted she didn’t “take the engagement very serious.” Last July, Bobby Brown also made it clear he didn’t want his daughter getting married either.

Bobbi Kristina married

Despite all the drama, Nick and Bobbi Kristina have seemed to cling to each other, and are now apparently newlyweds.

We wish them luck!

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  • I just thought he was very toxic for her. I wish her luck because I feel she is really going to need it.

    • RJ

      Agreed. However, based on the things she has publically said about her grandmother, she strikes me as the kind of young person who has to hit bottom before they learn lessons. She and her new husband were raised in chaos and this could go either way.

      I also think that if she did not seek real counseling to deal with being the daughter of two addicts, two famous people and the death of her mother; then she is shooting herself in the foot.

      Who knows, but I personally am trying to turn away from the train wrecks of our society.

  • Yeah, I hope he really loves and takes care of her because she is needs someone to be there for her.

  • Shirl

    If anything I’d tell that baby to come here. I’d give her the hugs that I give my sons when they are hurting and there just are no words. I put all of my love in those hugs… I don’t know much about Nick but he may just need those hugs too. The kinda hug only a Mother can give…

  • Buttons

    Wow. I imagine with her mother gone and her father being who he is she’s seeking love and support and she’s getting it from Nick. But, she may want to consider reconciling with her grandmother (if she hasn’t already) and listening to Ms. Pat because she clearly could benefit from some guidance and some wise counsel.

    Marrying at 20 is not a bad thing, although it’s not the best decision either. At that age you barely know yourself and you certainly don’t know anything about marriage and how to be somebody’s wife (or husband).

    • RJ

      I think some would say Ms. Pat, as you call her, was part of her mothers problem.

  • Cissy Houston needs to move on and live her life because this chick is determine to do what her want’s.