“Community” star, Yvette Nicole Brow recently appeared on NBC’s “A Toast to 2013” and said white people should never use the “n” word in reference to a joke about Paula Deen.  Of course this didn’t sit well with white people.

White people, I swear. Sometimes I just think maybe the lack of melanin doesn’t enable them to process certain things.  Brown also commented about the issue on her Facebook page:

Dear Caucasian friends, I’ve been made aware in my personal inbox and on twitter that some of you were bothered by my Paula Deen comment on “Toast 2013” that white folks should never use the N-word. Um, I don’t know what to tell ya, besides the assurance that I stand behind my statement 100%.

To further clarify what I really shouldn’t have to, after watching “Twelve Years a Slave” and the Christmas marathon of “Roots” I’ve reaffirmed my belief that NO one should use it. Be they black, white, rapper or southern cook. There’s lots of excuses for its use but there’s no good reason. I didn’t think my Paula Deen comment meant I felt otherwise.

Now that I’ve clarified all of that for those of you who were terribly offended by my comment, might I ask you this:

Why did a comment saying you should not use a word that enslaved and demeaned generations of African-americans feel like such a monumental slight?

Why does it matter who else uses it?

Shouldn’t it be enough–in light of our nation’s tragic history–that that word coming from white folks in particular is painful?

Do you really need to say it? Do you really want to?
And if so, why?

Since we’re asking questions, let’s ask those.

Oh and one more thing, I don’t speak for all of black America. If you know someone with copious amounts of melanin fighting for their right to reclaim that crappy word and use it at will, take that up with them on THEIR page.

Y’all have a blessed 2014.


Of course there was that one white person who just didn’t get it:

Melissa Hammersley This is 2014 not 1960 get over it already

And then she received the reading of her life:

Yvette Nicole Brown What horrible price are white people currently paying Melissa Hammersley? Are their wages or chance of career advancement affected? Do their children lack opportunities? Is it impossible for them to get a fair trial or equal jail time for the same crime? What has been SO hard for white people since Slavery times that black folks should allow them the right to use the N-word freely? I’m baffled. 

I’m sorry you, in particular, are struggling so hard with the idea that its use is NEVER acceptable by caucasians in particular but I have now completely tired of your contributions on this topic on MY page. Feel free to continue raging against the unjust treatment of blacks towards whites and the “get over it-ness” of it all on YOUR page. God bless.

White people, angry that they can’t use the “n” word.  I just picture that woman at home screaming the word into her pillow until she’s exhausted herself.


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