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Just when I think White supremacy can’t get any more insidious, this happens. Centuries after European and Arab imperialists flooded Africa, pillaging its vast resources and colonizing many of its people, a new company is attempting to further encourage the demise of Africans.

Half-Caste Babes is a new fertility company that encourages Black African couples to have a biracial baby by using White donor sperm.

According to the company’s website, the mission of Half-Cast Babes is “to bridge the racial gap between Africa and the rest of the world by promoting mixed race reproduction and developing these children for a new Africa.”

If that wasn’t enough, check out how the company describes itself:

Half-cast babies is a new world of mixed race babies formed with the aim of bridging the vast racial gap between Africa and the rest of the world. We make racial integration possible not only by marriage but also by birth. Gone are the days when to give birth to a mixed race (half-caste) baby by an African is only through interracial marriage (married to a white). Now any African couple, single woman etc. hoping to have a half-caste baby and thereby promote world integration can freely and easily have one. This is the beginning of a new better Africa and it all starts with just a simple but bold decision, giving birth to a mixed race baby through artificial means of conception. In this new world all that matters is LOVE and CARE.

While Half-Caste Babies positions itself as positive entity that will “transform Africa into a dream land,” the real goal is quite nefarious.

If successful, Half-Caste Babies would effectively help to destroy the bloodlines of Black people throughout Africa, making them appear more European in the process. Though the company claims to want to unite Africa with the world by bridging the racial gap, one look at the gallery of donors shows that this is not quite true. All of the donors on the website are White. Moreover, Half-Caste Babies is not targeting their message of racial mixing to White Africans; they are purposely attempting to appeal to Black couples instead.

The message is clear: a “new better Africa” can only be achieved if Black Africans no longer exist.

It is unclear who is behind the venture, but according to Ghanian writer Stephen Kwabena Effah, Half-Caste Babies is the brainchild of Augustine N.K. Boateng, a graduate of Mohammed Premier University in Morocco.

Thankfully, Half-Caste Babies does not seem to be catching on. Though the website shows several images of dark skinned couples holding pale babies, it only boasts one testimonial, which leads me to believe the company may have ripped the images of biracial babies from the web to display on its site (and it looks like my assumptions are right–many of the images were stolen).

Though it positions itself as an organization that will help create a harmonious Africa, Half-Caste Babies is nothing more than Nazi-style eugenics that aims to eradicate Black Africans from their own homeland.


h/t Kola Boof.

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