lemonDuring a recent appearance on Tom Joyner Morning Show , CNN anchor Don Lemon talked about “Saturday Night Live’s” hiring of Sasheer Zamata – the first African-American woman cast member in seven years.

“Look for a Beyoncé spoof for sure, something Zamata says she’s good at, and you’ll probably see a wicked Michelle Obama impersonation,” Lemon predicted for her premiere.

“You can also look for a whole lot of scrutiny and criticism from some who are looking for an excuse to say she got her job to fill a quota because she’s black,” he continued. “That always happens from people who don’t understand the need for diversity and who don’t understand why it’s important to expand and enhance traditional recruiting methods to find diverse talent.”

“That said,” Lemon concluded, “it probably won’t be easy for Zamata—who, in the glaring spotlight that’s about to be trained on her, is going to have to be a whole lot funnier than she is black.”

I don’t even know what “a lot funnier than she is black” means. Does Lemon even know what he means?

Listen to the audio here, via the Tom Joyner Show.

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  • RJ

    I am glad that others have commented on the narrative that has been created about Don Lemon. While he has definitely been saying some stupid things lately, he made his reputation for being the voice of reason on CNN (along with Soledad O’Brien) on issues that pertained to people of color. This sounds like the Don Lemon that I have watched for so many years.

    This statement is pretty much common sense and highlights the strange Catch-22 we find ourselves in, in the black community. We have mainstream America that loves to pay attention to us and comment on us as a people, yet wants to ignore us or certain members of our community.

    In a perfect world we could return to the days of doing it for ourselves and not pay that much attention to what the larger culture does, but on the other hand members of our community are signing up to be part of their culture which then makes reprensentation important. And we go around and around…

    I hope that makes sense. LOL

  • MoodScope

    He’s got a point, and I agree wholeheartedly.

    She’s gotta go above and beyond the stereotypes, and I hope that with having two bw writers hired on to SNL, she will have the chance show her true abilities as a comedic actress and not a tired caricature that many are used to seeing.

    She’s got this…

  • First of all, I don’t know why Tom Joyner has Don Lemon as a daily commentator since he seems to have a hang up with being Black. However, I don’t listen to either of them anyway. So, I digress. Secondly, regarding that last statement;

    “a lot funnier than she is black”

    why hasn’t that been the case with Keenan who hasn’t shown range in his acting and comedic skills. So, now you’re basically telling me that now that there is an actual “Black Woman” to portray said Black Women subjects, the standards have “monumentally” gone up from when Keenan’s fat-azz was portraying Black Women despite his lack of likeness or crappy impressions?

    I guess if you are Black and if you “ain’t” c00ning, you better be phenomenal !!

    As for Don Lemon, I am sure Sasheer KNOWS she has to work “twice” as hard as her new colleagues. It is the “unwritten” rule that many Black professionals abide by. Therefore, you should either stick to reporting the news or grab yourself a seat at the “View” for light and fluffy topics if you are going to keep insulting my intelligence as well as others by offering your opinion from your book on “How not to Offend White People”.
    After all, I don’t watch the “View”. But if I had my choice, I would take Whoopi Golberg over you any day of the week.