1513221_10152124141907229_1307741568_nErykah Badu unveiled a new do on Facebook with the caption “Still high and faded…” Like most of Ms. Badu’s words, the caption can be interpreted a couple different ways, but the picture features Badu sporting a Kid n’ Play-worthy high top fade while giving the camera a knowing stare.

On Twitter, the soul-singing mother of three offered a picture of the back of her head with the caption “Pyramids and Vortices.”  Her hairline in the back had been shaved into a point.  She’s not the first female singer to take on the 25-year old, typically masculine hairstyle. Chrisette Michele debuted a blonde, high(ish) top fade last year.

Badu is known for experimenting with hair, clothes and accessories.  Afros, locs, ankhs, peace signs, head wraps and even her bare behind have all been part of her evolving aesthetic over the years.  Not everybody can pull off a foot-tall hair sculpture on her head, but Badu somehow makes it work. She makes everything work.

Other than having a gigantic afro (about a foot on each side) at different points in my life, I can’t say I’ve ever had an extreme hairstyle. Well, unless you count my finger waves and French rolls back in middle school, which were in fact extremely tragic in retrospect.

Have you ever done something that daring with your hair? How did it go?

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