Pubic HairThe New York Times recently ran a piece about Brazilian waxes being on the decline and how letting pubic hair grow is the new trend. What? You mean to tell me there are grown women who follow “trends” when it comes to pubic hair maintenance? Apparently so.

The piece mentioned Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow, Girls actress Gaby Hoffman and Cameron Diaz as examples of famous women who have been open about the more au natural state of their pubic hair. Lady Gaga and Hoffman have gone so far as to show their pubes in public via a photo shoot and a television show, respectively.

Other than the brow-furrowing idea that people would actually look to celebrities for guidance on what to do with pubic hair, I was struck by the fact that the article makes no mention of women of color at all. It’s not shocking in the least, but interesting that when speaking about female sexuality, it is only white women who are mentioned.

Us black women are not missing anything by being excluded from this pubic hair trend conversation, but it is a very telling exclusion. Whiteness is the default for so many topics in media—beauty, sexuality, love, etc. Black sexuality is still “other.” Like with everything else, we have to continue to create our own spaces (Hey Clutch!) to talk about what matters to us.

But back to the pubic hair topic, to each her own.  Some people shave initials and shapes into their pubic hair, some folks go completely bare, some do a little trim and some adventurous women adorn their lady parts with crystals. I’m good on that.  But whatever you and your partner like is just fine. Be safe, be clean and you’re all good.

When you are considering what to do down below, where do you typically go for advice?

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