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A week after Arizona State University (ASU) expelled the local chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) for a racially offensive party during Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, members  of the fraternity have finally apologized.

According to the Chicago tribune, sixteen TKE members attended the party where attendees dressed in jerseys, bandannas, and baggy clothes. A photo from the night also showed one person drinking from a cup made from a watermelon.

In a letter addressed to the university and the national body of Tau Kappa Epsilon, the local chapter apologized via Facebook:

“The offensive party that took place…was not planned, publicized, endorsed, hosted or condoned in any way by either the Beta-Xi Chapter of TKE or the International Fraternity. We apologize that a few select individuals, in a moment of poor taste and bad judgment, held an event that was both insulting to the community and contrary to the values, principles and ideals of Tau Kappa Epsilon.”

TKE officials have suspended the members involved in the party and have vowed to “review of their membership.” TKE has also put the ASU chapter on suspension and will conduct a professional diversity program “in an effort to promote unity and educate the students of ASU.”

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  • mary burrell

    I am so sick of these fake apologies. Why do they have to be offensive just to have fun?

  • For a group of people who hate and don’t respect black people they sure spend a lot of time thinking about us. This isn’t this Fraternity first time doing something offensive. The frat should be dismembered.

  • Miss.Kat

    They wouldn’t like if a black Fraternity dress in KKK outfits with nooses and a whip to celebrate their appreciation of white people in America. Every liberal white person will lose their head and place the “Am not racist because______” disclaimer comments.