DatesI stumbled upon a crazy story about a man who was on the run from the cops, but was captured after he posted his own wanted poster to his Facebook page and the police pretended to be a pretty woman wanting to date him. Said genius criminal took the bait and was arrested. There’s a lot going on with that story, but what stood out to me the most was the fact that the fugitive refused the woman’s request to meet for drinks and instead suggested meeting up to smoke cigarettes.  Yes, he suggested that their first date be a smoke break. I’m assuming that he turned down the drinks idea because he didn’t want to spend money.

First dates can be daunting and expensive. The stereotypical first date is dinner and a movie, which could easily end up being over $100. In today’s lean times, that’s quite an investment for a first date, depending on your tax bracket.  So, on one hand, I understand the genius criminal’s desire to do something a bit more wallet friendly, but inviting a woman to a smoke break is not going to work.

Hence, I’ve put together a few first date ideas that are fun, low stress and

Museum Free Admission Night
If you live in a big city, chances are that at least two or three museums offer once a month or so free or discounted admission nights. Some establishments take it a step further and also offer free entertainment and/or free cocktails.  First Saturdays at theBrooklyn Museum are the stuff of legend. Art, entertainment and drinks at a reasonable price? Sounds like the potential for good conversation with the right person.

Happy Hour Drinks and Nibbles

Who says a first date has to be a regular sit-down meal? Keep it cool and casual with a happy hour meet-up. You can nibble on snacks and take in a few cocktails while you get to know each other, people-watch and hopefully, set up a day for date number two.

Brunch instead of Dinner
I’m a huge fan of brunch as a first date. Brunch feels a bit more relaxed than dinner and it’s good to see a brotha in broad daylight for an extended period of time for that first interaction.  Is he in fact as cute as he was in those low lights at the club? Plus, after brunch you have the whole day ahead of you and you can dish the deets to your girlfriends later that night.

What was your most memorable or enjoyable first date?

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