Glenn Beck defends Melissa Harris-Perry

The world has truly gone topsy-turvy….

While some Right Wing pundits, and CNN, urged MSNBC to fire Melissa Harris-Perry over recent remarks on her weekend show about Mitt Romney’s black adopted grandson, Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck came to her defense.

Beck, who has uttered such gems as “Obama has a deep-seated hatred for White people,” and “the only [Katrina victims] we’re seeing on television are the scumbags,” actually stepped up to be a voice of reason in the debate over whether or not Harris-Perry should be relieved of her hosting duties.

After viewing Harris-Perry’s tearful apology, Beck wondered why she even needed to apologize at all.

“She apologizes — for what? It was a break with comedians. Yes, it wasn’t nice. Yes, it was hurtful and divisive if that was the intent, but it clearly was not. There are many dishonest, arrogant, and destructive people on MSNBC, but I really don’t think that this, by any means, was an example of a person like that.”

After making it clear that he does not agree with Harris-Perry’s political views, Beck then read a letter he wrote in support of Harris-Perry.

“Going after children, as she said, is not fair game, but that wasn’t her intent. I truly believe that our side, now, is refusing to see her for what she is, and we are engaging in the worst kind of political destruction.

“I fear this time, our side sees blood in the water and is going after her and MSNBC. It’s more than wrong than anything she said here, especially since their intent is to hurt and destroy, and hers was not.

“She needs to know that there are people who do not hate her, and do have reason.

“If this is her big screwup, she’s way ahead of me as a human being.”

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  • Aria Wilson

    I agree with Glenn Beck.

    Ohhh, that even hurts to type….

    • blogdiz

      When Glen Beck sees nothing wrong then you know you are terribly wrong defending the indefensible just because you like the perpetrator ….NOT COOL

    • Aria Wilson

      Um, yeah….ok.

      If anyone else understands wtf this person is talking about…please explain.

  • I guess we’ll be seeing pigs flying soon.

    s/n: “If this is her big screwup, she’s way ahead of me as a human being.”
    I couldn’t agree more Glenn

  • Anthony

    There are a few things to remember: men don’t attack crying women; MHP is very fair complexioned; MHP’s mother is or was Mormon and Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney are fellow Mormons.

    If MHP looked like Oprah and she were Baptist, this might be different.

    • Aria Wilson

      While I most certainly agree….let’s not make perfect the enemy of good. This is still extremely reasonable behavior from a generally very unreasonable individual.

      Like the old folks say:

      “While it ain’t what it should be…at least it ain’t what it was.”

  • Shirl

    Who in the hell cares what Glenn Beck has to say on any subject? I know I don’t.

  • Eme

    This moment is going to be leveraged against her and Black people in general the next time Glenn Beck and his ilk say some f*cked up racist sh*t. They will point to this instance as example of How Black People Are Racist Too, and how forgiving and magnanimous White people are to those mean ol’ darkies.

    This is just an opportuntity for Conservative Republican media to garner some positive attention while silencing voices of color. Who actually believes this an olive branch?