LaShay Burks went above and beyond recently and it may have saved a little girl’s life.  Burks is being credited with helping Antioch, Ill police capture an alleged kidnapper.

Last Friday evening, a mother and daughter went to Walmart to do some shopping. David Douglas, a 43-year-old Antioch resident, then approached the pair on the street and grabbed the child. He then threatened to shoot the mother with a riffle.

Douglas was able to abduct the little girl, but an Amber Alert was immediately placed. Shortly after Douglas got away, LaShay Burks and her sister noticed a man acting strangely in another parking lot.

“We had been sitting next to that car for about twenty minutes,” said Burks. “I just knew there was a body laying down, and I kept telling my sister, ‘There’s someone in that car.’”

Then she received a phone call from another sister, who told her about the armed kidnapping and the car description, which prompted Burks to investigate.

“I got out, and I walked around the car but my sister said, ‘Be careful, he has a gun.’ So I was gonna knock on the window, but instead I saw another call pull up,” said Burks.

Unbeknownst to her, it was an unmarked police car.

“So I went to my car and I just honked the horn, and the car that stopped was a police officer, undercover, and I kept honking the horn and he jumped out with a gun and told the guy get out of the car,” said Burks.

Douglas was arrested and the girl was returned to her parents at Police Headquarters.

Douglas, no stranger to the police, has been charged with kidnapping.

I’m blessed to be able to help somebody else out. I’m thankful I was there, and I think everything happens for a reason,” said Burks.

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  • Good for her! She has great instincts. I hope the little girl is doing well and feels safe.

    • MommieDearest

      Great instincts indeed! I’m glad she chose to not ignore them and follow her gut.

  • Annoyed

    According to local Bay Area ABC news, this woman lied to the police and the real hero was an on-duty Target employee. According to ABC news, this lady was no where near the scene. I will say she came off a little manic in the recorded news stories and patted herself on the back a little too enthusiastically. If this is true, I hope she enjoys looking like a fool.

    • Leo the Yardie Chick

      Yea, I just saw the article with the real hero. I hope this fame-hungry woman gets dragged like that waiter and false receipt message.

      I do wish the little girl well, and i hope they keep the beast that grabbed her caged for a very long time. According to another report, he had attempted another kidnapping earlier that day.

  • This lady should be ashamed of herself.