AwardsWhen you were younger, you got awards, certificates and accolades for things like having perfect attendance, getting good grades and having a stellar athletic season. These days, as a regular real life grown-up, you’re lucky if you get a “great job” email from your boss after foregoing sleep for a week while getting that report done. Nobody seems to care that you’ve saved $30 a week by cutting down on Starbucks trips and maybe just maybe you’ll get a group picture of you and your flag football team holding the trophy that the captain took home.

Where are the cookies? Where are the gold stars? Sucks to be a grown-up sometimes. People expect you to just…be responsible and like, not expect any type of acknowledgment for doing stuff you’re supposed to do anyway. Hmph.

Well, since others refuse to indulge our ridiculous desire to get credit for doing regular things, looks like we’ll have to take matters into our own hands. Here are a few fun ways to reward yourself for the little things:

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