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A few weeks ago we posted about the changes that were being made to Clutch.  Not only will there be a new design and “look” to the site, a new commenting system will also be implemented.  The comment section is what keeps the discourse going on a website. Sometimes there’s healthy discourse, sometimes there’s the “Hey, why don’t you go & troll somewhere else” discourse.  But we’ve talked about that ad nauseum.

Although the new commenting system hasn’t been fully finalized as of yet, there will be changes that some will love, and others that some will hate. I mean, you can’t make everybody happy, right?

During the upcoming relaunch of the site, there’s a few types of comments that just won’t fly around these parts any more. And here’s a breakdown of what’s going to change.

Why is this on a black woman’s site? What does this have to do with black women??

To simply answer the first part of the question, and not in a curt way- so don’t take it that way, it’s pretty much because we want it to be.  Clutch is a news/commentary site that, yes, caters to black women, but, there are universal stories that we like to keep people informed about.  Maybe I didn’t get the memo that all black women hate Kanye?  Ok bad example. Or that black women don’t watch any shows that don’t have black people in their cast? Or that black women don’t like sports? Or that ….well, you can see where I’m going with this.  None of the writers of Clutch live a “black lady bubble” so to speak, so there will always be varying stories, various opinions on EVERYTHING. And yes, all of the writers on Clutch are black women. And yes, Clutch is owned solely by a black woman.

Men, you’re allowed as always, but damn, are you a member of the “He Man Woman Haters Club”? 

We’ve been cleaning house recently when it comes to some of the misogynistic views posted by some of the male commenters. It’s truly not an easy thing to do, because there are those men who are respectful (waves to Anthony), but then there are those who have lost their batshit minds.  Seriously, sometimes I want to reach out and ask, “Who hurt you?” and give a brother (presumably a brother, because there are those fakes out there) a hug.  I mean last night I noticed someone referring to the women readers of Clutch as “hoeish”. Dude, shit like that won’t cut it around these parts. Banned. Good day.

Women, of course you’re allowed, but damn, are you a card carrying member of the “She Woman Man Haters Club”?

Believe me, some men get on my damn nerve. But you know what? Some men don’t. You can’t be all “he hurt me and I can’t find a way to get over it” and continually bash men, especially if you don’t expect not to get bashed back.  Men and women all have their fair share of issues, but the discourse that is displayed is sometimes painful to read.  We don’t expect every convo to be all “skittles & roses”, but come on, pretend like the people you’re talking to online, are people you’re talking to offline.

FYI Trolls, talking to yourself in the comment section is weird. 

Pet peeve numero uno. Trolls. Not the furry little ones with wild hair, but the comment section ones.  We find it absolutely hilarious that people take the time to use different usernames, and even rebut themselves in the comment section. BUT they fail to change their email address or they’re under the same IP address. Stop it.  It’s not a good look. It screams “I lick window in my spare time”.  And the, there’s the people who know they’re blocked, and they decide to use an IP mask and leave comments like this, “This trying to block it’s boring. Do better Clutch. lol I’m done….. but I shall return”. Seriously, do you not have a life? Would you like to borrow a few hours of ours?  But thanks for the comedy relief, sometimes we need it.





So that’s pretty much the gist of it. Things are’a changing around these parts. Like I said, some will love it, some will loathe it. But please, never forget the fact that we love all of our readers and supporters.  Y’all are a special bunch, in a good way of course :)



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  1. GeekMommaRants

    Clutch had a survey a few months back asking it’s readership to tell them what we wanted. I asked for stories about the diaspora and the African continent. Clutch as usual had the awesome post by Luvvie (I love her!) explaining African to African-Americans, this was the most enlightening and helpful post I have ever read/experienced anywhere online. I cannot thank Clutch and it’s writers enough for this one post.

    One the fluff stories, websites make their $ on clicks. I too hate the Kanye etc stories but know sistas gotta eat. If we wish and commit to supporting this site with our own funds we can demand an end to the BW/WW stories. Let’s face t TMZ is still in business. We as a society are addicted to this kind of trash and sites that don’t publish things like this do not have readers or clicks. This is business decision. I LOVE CLUTCH!!!

  2. Concerned

    I feel the greatest part about the Clutch site is the comment section. I really learned why black women are so angry. This comment section should be on white sites so they can understand the reasoning behind our feelings.