Kim Kardashian was verbally attacked yesterday in Beverly Hills and now according to the Beverly Hills Police Department Kanye West is a suspect in a misdemeanor battery.

According to TMZ, Kim was attempting to make her way into a doctor’s office but was surrounded by paparazzi. An unidentified 18-year-old was attempted to help Kim into the building and yelled, “F–k these fa–ot-ass n—-rs”” — to the paparazzi. Kim then tells the guy that using the “n” word isn’t appropriate. The 18-year-old replies: “F–k you bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n—-r lover, stupid slut.”

Kim made her way into the doctor’s office where the guy kept on yelling at her. She then calls Kanye, and once he realized who she was speaking to began yelling, “F–k you N—-r,” TMZ reports.

Once Kanye arrived to save the day, both him and Kim bumrushed the doctor’s office, and witnesses say that’s when Kanye punched the guy, with Kim screaming in the background, “We have it all on tape.”

One has to wonder why didn’t Kim just call the police instead of hot-headed Kanye? Many people online are applauding the fact that Kanye assaulted the guy, but one has to wonder why didn’t Kim just call the police instead?

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