MC Serch from the 90s hip hop group 3rd Bass has a new career as a daytime talk show host. The “Gas Face” lyricist has the expected topics on his eponymous show like men with multiple children by just as many women, wayward teenagers, extreme sibling rivalry and things of that nature. Serch has been on the radio for years doing conflict resolution so it’s no surprise that he’s going after some of the juicier topics. What makes Serch different than Maury or Jerry Springer is the focus on a resolution.

Serch told MTV that there will be no fighting on his show and he does not allow name-calling either. Having those basic ground rules makes for a more civil discussion and less exploitative feel.

In addition to taking a more zen approach to resolving conflict, Serch also reveals parts of his own personal journey. He’s been married for over 20 years and is very open about the ups and downs he’s had in his marriage.  Serch shares his wife’s wisdom too. He’ll start a sentence with “My wife has a saying…” But Serch is still that kid from New York. He tells guests to “fall back” and “hold up.”

Serch is showing at various times in eight different cities. You can find the local listings and catch full-episodes online on his website. 

What do you think about the show so far? What hip hop star of past or present would you like to see with a talk show?

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