On the heels of Dwayne Wade announcing the birth of his new  son conceived during a “break” from Gabrielle Union, another celebrity’s “Maury” business is being put out on front-street aka the internet.

Chris Bridges aka Ludacris is also the father of a new child conceived outside of his long-term relationship with Eudoxie.  According to TMZ, information about the child came from a court case involving Ludacris and the child’s mother, Tamika Fuller. Cai Bella Bridges was born December 9th. According to court documents the rapper is claiming he’s only pulling in $25,842.41 a month on average and is trying to prevent Fuller from reaping the benefits of an exorbitant amount of child support. Under Georgia law  his monthly child support payment would be set at $1,754.66.

Everything apparently is still on between Ludacris and his girlfriend since he posted photos of their New Year’s Eve celebration and new diamond bracelet:


Gabrielle and Eudoxie aren’t the only women in the world who choose to stay with men that have conceived children outside of their relationship.  My mother was one of those women as well, the only difference in her story is that there wasn’t million dollar rings or bracelets involved. No one can ever say why a woman chooses to stay with a man after discovering his infidelity brought a child into the world, but everyone has their reason.

Growing up I knew my father’s little secret, which eventually turned into multiple secrets, but it wasn’t anything that was discussed. I always wondered why mother didn’t leave at the moment she found out, but even though I was a child, I realized my father was the breadwinner and she really didn’t have any other options but to stay.  My mother was dependent on my father for everything.  He worked, she stayed home and took care of us.  From the outside looking in, we were the typical middle class family.  But poppa was a rolling stone that didn’t believe in condoms.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when they’ve had enough. For my mother, it was yet another birth outside of her marriage. She packed our belongings and my uncles drove to 7 hours to pick us up. That time in my childhood is still a blur, and I haven’t had much of a relationship with my father since. I know of the “others”, as my siblings and I call them, only because my mother still communicates with my father and thought we should get to know them. There was minimal Facebook interaction with one, my father’s “namesake”, but at this point in my life, I have all the siblings I need.

What would I do if I found myself in a relationship with someone and they had a child while we were on “break”? I probably wouldn’t touch their penis with a 10 foot pole after that. There won’t be any “please baby forgive me” conversations. And I’m quite sure there won’t be any diamond encrusted bracelets either. But every woman is different, and every woman has their own motives. Who am I to judge?  What I do know for sure, chances are if my mother had a baby outside of her marriage, I’m pretty sure she would have been kicked to the curb in a half of a second.

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  • Simone

    As long as women put up with it, this will continue. And contrary to popular belief, not all men cheat; just the low-class low self esteem ones.

  • polymathk

    If i were MARRIED to a man and this happened, me staying would depend on the situation. I believe to be married means you have to be a professional forgiver, and there is NOTHING weak about continuing to shower love on the unlovable. I am a Christian, and when I think of all the times I was unfaithful to the God I serve, and how he forgives and continue to love and bless me in every area in my life, it makes me live with an urgency to forgive others who have wronged me. Not saying I wouldn’t get a divorce, it would just really depend on the situation. Some men think they are entitled to have sex with as many women as they want, and if I am unfortunate enough to marry a man like that, that marriage won’t last long.

    NOW, as for these women who stayed in spite of the fact that they aren’t wives, I have to question their judgement. I don’t believe they are staying because of the money. I believe they have bought into the idea that the men they are with are high demand and hot commodity, and that for them to stray is expected. Their setting the bar low for their man’s behavior and thus themselves. Both can do exceedingly better. Just my two pennies.

  • GeekMommaRants

    Have our standards dropped so low that this is permissible? What happened to a husband and wife who love each other and are partners in life? I don’t understand.

    • Concerned

      What happened to women not having children outside of wedlock? Women should be accountable for their actions also. (Thanks for the thumbs down.)

    • Mas Salleh

      They’re not as stupid as the men who won’t wear the condom..

  • Tonia

    I believe that my husband has fathered a child outside of our marriage. Which he is denying where on the other hand the woman has been in communication with his family and has told all of them. I am the only one supposedly not in the know. I have seen pics on Facebook and he looks exactly like my husband. Appears to be around 3 or 4. Since I’ve learned of this I am in the process of seeking legal advice as to how can I subpoena them both for a DNA so that I can make an informed decision about my future. I will not sweep this under the rug and let them make a decision for me. I love my husband but I believe that I can love him from afar. I think that he will be more devastated than I when I’m gone because he’s done things before and I’ve stayed. I have dreamed of having a son for my husband and It never came. I will not put myself through unnecessary self inflicted pain because I decided to stay with someone that has always cheated on me and this time he mix a baby in it. I have given all of me to get all of nothing. It hurts everyday to think how my future could possibly be snatched from under me if he is the father. But I must go on and trust that this has made stronger and God has a better life for me just right around the corner. Satan has been attacking my marriage from day one. Now a child that looks exactly like my husband, he’s gone to far. If my husband can’t see the set up by the devil shame on him. And this will be his life for the next woman and the next. I’m hopeful that the subpoena will be done soon so I can move on with my life one way or the other.

  • Tonia

    Anyone with legal advice, please advise.