New York Times best-selling author Denene Miller has a gorgeous little girl who has just started her own YouTube show called “Totally Lila.” In her own words, Lila said “We’re going to be doing outfits and crafts and room ideas and just cool stuff like that.” Lila is a natural on camera and her energy is infectious.

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of kids in my life. I have nieces, nephews, little cousins and my friends’ kids. Helping them find good, age-appropriate media to consume can be a challenge at times. I don’t want them getting into artists and shows that are for adults, but at the same time, they are very intelligent and some of the kid-friendly media simply doesn’t cut it.  But for the tweens in your life, I highly recommend “Totally Lila.” This kid is funny, silly, smart and I’m looking forward to her next videos.  It’s not some over-produced audition video either. It’s very much a for-kids, by a kid type of deal.

Plus, it’s so nice to see a happy, confident black girl using her creativity to express herself in a positive way. Is she the next Issa Rae/Shonda Rhimes/Oprah? Could be!

Take a look at the debut video and tell us what you think!  I’m sure Lila would appreciate a nice comment or two on her YouTube channel as well.

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  • MimiLuvs

    I just hope that the comments section will be disabled for her YouTube channel.
    I know that the comments section will help her interact with her subscribers, but we shouldn’t neglect the fact that this is still YouTube. There are trolls out there that has no moral compass about who receives their venomous messages.
    Otherwise than that, I wish her many blessings.

    • Anthony

      @MimiLuvs, what you sad is very true, unfortunately.

    • omfg

      you’re overreacting.

      if you think you can’t handle comments from a youtube video or any social media, you need to avoid these mediums.

      imo, closed comments are for cowards and it’s no way to grow your audience. social media is about participation, not about dictates.

      and if the comments really bother her, she can probably delete the extreme ones.

    • dana smalls

      Damn. You just have to troll every damn post on this website, don’t you? I am assuming that you don’t have anything else really going on in your life, because why else would you attack this beautiful child? So, this beautiful child would be a coward if she decided that she didn’t want to experience the vitriol and hatred that individuals, such as yourself, demonstrate towards women and people of color who dare to express themselves using social media? I think the cowards are the trolls that hide behind stupid acronymistic identifiers when they spew their worthless points of view on websites.

    • Mmmgood

      I thought the exact same thing. People can be cruel, especially if they see a girl who is young and African American.

  • I think if she has someone monitoring the comments she would be alright.

  • MimiLuvs


    No, I am not overreacting.
    I am an avid YouTube viewer. I know what I am talking about.

    “imo, closed comments are for cowards and it’s no way to grow your audience. social media is about participation, not about dictates.”

    This statement ^^^^^ right here is usually spoken by trolls, the REAL cowards. There are a lot of YouTube subscribers who have the “disabled comments” on their channels and they have plenty of subscribers.
    Unless, this girl has a professional moderator on board 24/7, there will be trolls.

  • Lila is fab, and her Mom, Denene Millner will take care of her, rest assured!

  • mybrownbaby

    Thank you so much, Demetria, for sharing my baby’s show with one of my fav online destinations—Clutch mag. For the commenters who question whether my daughter will be safe from comments and the internet ugly, please know—I got this. We talk a lot about what is appropriate and also how humans tend to behave online. Know that I’m watching, guarding, protecting and schooling, like any good mother would.