To say times are hard would be an understatement when it comes to the economic hardships facing many Americans today. Approximately 4.2 million people received some form of unemployment benefits in the week ending Dec. 21.  That last week in December also marked the end of  the federal emergency unemployment  leaving another 1.3 million people without unemployment benefits.

The sad thing about the unemployment situation are the people who think the unemployed want to stay unemployed and mooch  off the system. As if getting by on $300 a week, in some places, is something glamorous.

Losing a job isn’t for the faint of heart. Whether you’ve been fired or lost your job to due a layoff, trying to regain your confidence and pay your bills is damn hard to do.  For the fortunate, occasionally a severance is part of a lay-off package, but that money doesn’t last forever.  And for those who were fired with cause, there’s no severance and often there’s no unemployment.

Contrary to popular belief, unemployment is not guaranteed. It all boils down to the circumstances surrounding you losing your job. So there are people out there who are basically shit out of luck after being terminated.

Being unemployed is not only stressful, but it can be demeaning. Knowing that you’re qualified for a job, but have people tell you that either you’re not qualified or over qualified can wear a person down.  

Companies have no type of loyalty to their employees, ever. One minute you’re sitting behind your desk enjoying your day at work, the next you’re packing up your box of personal items and being asked to leave the building.  Nowadays, there’s no such thing as job security.  Everyone should have a back-up plan, or two, or even three.

Clutchettes, if you were to lose your job today, how would you survive? 

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