Depression A few weeks ago a friend complained about her anxiety medications her doctor prescribed her. Her newest meds were her doctor’s third attempt at trying to get the right “formula” for her.  After being frustrated with her past medications, she was even more frustrated that she couldn’t find one that seemed to work for her.

Unfortunately, I know how she feels.

It seems as though, when you’re dealing with medications for depression or anxiety, it’s all about trial and error. Your doctor will prescribe you pills until they get it “right”.  Until you actually have the right combo, your emotions could be every where. Your mood swings could be off the chain. You may not even know if you’re coming or going half the time. That gallon of ice cream in your freezer? It may be devoured within an hour because your new meds have spiked your appetite.

But then comes the moment, when you’ve been on your new “system” of pills or pill, and you wake up and you feel “normal”.

Or as normal as you’ll ever be, while medicated.

I have a bunch of girlfriends that are on different types of meds for depression and/or anxiety. We share our stories, we share our side-effects and we share our victories.  Our ups and downs are coffee talk.  When we know one of us are “going through it” we’re there for each other.  But damn, just trying to get to the place of finding a combination of meds that work isn’t easy.

Clutchettes, have you ever been on depression or anxiety meds? How long did it take to find a working pill or combo?

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  • Hey Now

    On Venlafaxine (Effexor) now for almost a year now and I feel great. Like my old self. But about three or four years ago-when I first went down the meds route-I had about two failed attempts with meds. One was Zoloft and the other I don’t remember but they sucked. They gave me really bad headaches, and I felt off. I got so annoyed and disgusted with the process and didn’t revisit meds until last year . But now it’s working out well.

  • Co.

    A year ago I started taking medication for anxiety. A friend of mine was also taking the same medication for anxiety. It’s ironic to me, because both of us have degrees in psychology. We both KNOW that medication is only a quick fix. Doctors will prescribe you anything, and although I agree that it helps, it doesn’t fix the underlying issue. Please don’t take this as judgment towards anyone who take medication for their depression or anxiety, but you don’t want to take those things forever. Learning how to deal with and understand your disorder is very important. Medications help, but in the long run, behavioral therapy is better. Paired together, they are amazing.
    I started taking medication for anxiety, and it lasted about six months. I’d become dependent on my medication. I decided that I would find away to calm myself during episodes. Because I couldn’t afford therapy, I researched methods. I’m no doctor, but I’ve learned to control my anxiety, with very little medication use. I haven’t used medication for over a year.