New Year's Resolutions

According to my Facebook feed, 2014 is the year of  not making resolutions.  My timeline has been littered with people declaring that they’re no longer making resolutions, or that they’re so over the whole idea.  It kind of reminds me of Drake and his “no new friends” stance.  No New Resolutions!  People are proud that they’re not falling for the okie-doke this year.

I haven’t made a resolution list since  the 8th grade when I was forced to write 5 new resolutions. I remembered looking down at my paper and thinking to myself, “this is some bull”.  I eventually forced myself to come up with some fluff that would get the teacher off my back. But in the 8th grade, what exactly did I have to resolve, besides having a cleaner bedroom?

In my adulthood I’ve never compiled a resolution list, but I commend those who do and actually stick to them. I’ve seen friends do complete life makeovers due to sticking to their resolutions.  From weight loss, to launching new careers, people who have the ability to put those resolutions into action definitely get a round of applause from me.

Clutchettes, did you make any resolutions for the new year?


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