Ms. Patti is never one to bite her tongue and she didn’t hold back during a recent interview when asked about being a “diva”.

“That word is used so loosely that I don’t even consider myself a diva,” LaBelle said in an interview with PrideSource. “I always considered myself a woman who sings her heart out and who gives 120 percent. ‘Diva’ is a word that I wouldn’t wanna call myself because it’s so loosely used. It’s not cute anymore.”

You hear that, diva means nothing to Ms. Patti.

The 69-year-old singer said now the word has a negative connotation, “because all these little heifers who can’t sing are called divas!”

“It doesn’t mean anything to me and probably to some of the other ladies who have been doing it for as long as I have: Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick,” Ms. Patti continued. “You know, I’m speaking for me — I don’t know if they like to be called divas — but I know I wouldn’t call them divas, because it’s not in good company.”

Who’s gonna check Ms. Patti? Not one of those “divas”, I’m sure. If they know what’s best for them. I’m quite sure Ms. Patti will have no problem in telling them to “bow down”.



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  • “if you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original.” – TED Talk

  • Wow! Just got a notification for a response to my comment and saw that it had 11 “dislikes.” That’s hilarious and sad, mainly hilarious, to me. The Beyoncé hate on here is real. I swear the comment section of almost every Bey post or post in any way related to her I read on here is mostly negative. Like, dang. Is it that painful to agree the woman really is talented in her own right? That’s undeniable whether you like the music or not. I’m not a fan of all rock (some rock though), but I can appreciate and recognize the talent of those artists. What makes it so crazy is that there are so many self-proclaimed feminists on this site, yet so many of them can’t even pay props to Beyoncé, an iconic woman who’s genuinely talented and who has contributed so much as a woman and woman of color to the music industry. No, she’s not at all perfect by any standard and I’ll even admit that she’s made a lot of compromises in exchange for the spotlight. But she is in fact talented and a trailblazer conquering new feats every single year and setting the bar higher and higher. I’m sure though that someone will still find a problem with this and with her as truthful as it is though. #OhWell.