Sure, Prince has embraced social media by setting up a Twitter account last year, but that doesn’t mean he’s just going to sit back and let people post bootleg versions of his live shows to their Facebook pages or blogs.

Over the last several years, it’s been virtually impossible to find a Prince performance on YouTube, want to know why? Because Prince is an artist and he’s serious about his shit, especially when it comes to people infringing on his copyrights.

Just how serious is his Purple Majesty?

How about to the tune of a $22 million total in damages. That’s $1 million for each of the defendants cited in a new lawsuit. 22 different users of Facebook and Blogger are now involved in a copyright lawsuit filed by his Purpleness.

According to the 21-page complaint filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, the defendants “engage in massive infringement and bootlegging of Prince’s material.”  Currently the lawsuit only names 2 defendants: Dan Chodera, Karina Jindrova, and 20 anonymous defendants.  Chodera and Jindrova no longer have the Facebook accounts where the bootlegs were posted. The other anonymous defendants are accused of taking part in similar activity as well.

Prince wants the defendants permanently blocked from infringing on his copyrights and is not only seeking a jury trial but also attorney fees, any money they may have made from his music, and to return all “unlawful materials” to him.

I bet these defendants never want to hear “Purple Rain” again.

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  • purple panties in a bunch

    Prince has not made a decent album in over 20 years. Boy/Girl, sit down please.

  • Laren

    So this overly rich multimillionaire is suing a regular person for their entire life savings? Shows who he really is. Ever since he became a Jehovah Witness, he has been too weird for me.

  • who

    he should go after ppl SELLING bootlegs first, but I guess selling them on ebay and whatnot doesnt bother him as much as ppl sharing downloads to stuff that everyone knows he wont officially release (which actually is probably one of the few things that is keeping his shrinking fanbase around)… and for posting videos on sites like youtube (which downloading off youtube = crap re-encoded and compressed quality)… And anyone that actually wants to download anything related to prince will most likely PAY HIM if he released professionally mastered soundboards.

    I guess at this point he can make more money suing people then he can by actually making music and releasing something that will sell..

    Not that him doing this is anything all that new I guess, but makes me laugh since its pretty common knowledge that he has admitted to having bootlegs himself (if i recall, something like james brown, sly & the family stone, etc) and Im sure he hasnt ‘reported’ to those artists who he got them from so they could get sued too

  • Farida

    Prince is stupid and full of ish.

  • Tina L.

    I used to be a mega fan of this tiny man but his pettiness and lack of decent product over the last couple of decades is turning me off. He still gives great concert, even though he will no longer perform some of his best work.