Theodore P. Wafer

A June 2nd trial date has been set for Renisha McBride’s killer. Theodore Wafer entered a not guilty plea on Wednesday before Wayne County Circuit Judge Qiana Lillard. Wafer has been charged with second-degree murder after shooting McBride through his screen door on Nov. 2 in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Cheryl Carpenter, McBride’s attorney, is planning to call 10 witnesses during the trial.

“There is a lot of investigation and discovery and work the defense needs to do,” Carpenter said, according to the Detroit Free Press.

McBride crashed her car several hours earlier  and her family believes she wandered onto Wafer’s doorstep, presumably looking for help. Carpenter says her client was in fear that someone was trying to break into his house.

Prosecutors have said Wafer opened his front door and shot her through the locked screen door. He called 911 afterward and said he shot someone who had been banging on his door.

An attorney representing McBride’s family has called her death a senseless killing.

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  • Such a sad story and senseless act. I hope that justice is served.

  • “i shout someone who was banging on my door” C’mon man. How does that even sound?!? Something definitely needs to happen.

  • I hope she gets justice and I hope the jury takes this case seriously.

  • JS

    This should be a cut-and-dry case. You don’t shoot someone who is unarmed through a door and get to claim self defense, where they do that at?

  • MommieDearest

    1. I hope this trial gets the same amount of attention and coverage as the George Zimmerman trial.

    2. I hope the outcome is different.