We are only two weeks into 2014, but it looks like Gabrielle Union is already having the best year ever. Her new show Being Mary Jane is a hit, raking in 5 million viewers during its Tuesday night debut, and she recently got engaged to her longtime boo Dwyane Wade.

While many are still buzzing about the bombshell that Wade fathered a child with another woman during a “break” from Union, the blogosphere is on fire today with speculation as rumors that the actress may be expecting her first child this summer hit the web.

Gossip blog MediaTakeOut (yes, we know, that site) is reporting that sources close to the 41-year-old starlet suspect she’s preggo because she “didn’t drink a drop” of champagne over the holidays despite loving the bubbly, and mainstream news outlets like the International Business Times and South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel, are also reporting the story. 

We’re not sure if Union is expecting or not, but the timing is quite interesting. Could she be on the verge of having it all–a new marriage, hit show, and a baby?

Whether there’s a bun in the oven or not we’re rooting for Gabby!

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  • A baby is a blessing and their baby would be amazingly beautiful.

    Gabby has made the choice to stick by her man’s side and rightfully so as much as it may irk some of us. It”s her life and her choice and we are on the outside looking in. Gabrielle is not the first woman to be in this peculiarly humiliating situation with a man she loves and she certainly won’t be the last.

    No matter what anyone says a woman always gets up from the table when she’s full no matter how anyone else feels about it.

  • @deebsoreal

    It’s funny how these men get the messy women pregnant. It’s so tacky to put out their that your baby father cheated with you because he thought his girlfriend was drinking to much if this is true. I know this might be karma because I’ve heard Gabby sent shots towards Sio on social media.

  • She was just on The Chew yesterday wearing an extremely form-fitting dress that showed off her slender figure including her very flat stomach. I don’t believe this for a second! Especially not from MediaTakeout.