Social MediaIf you scrolled through your Instagram pics right now, would it be a fairly accurate description of your life? If you looked at your Facebook status messages for the past month or so, would it be an accurate reflection of your moods and perspectives on life and issues?  Are your tweets just a running list of reality show observations or do you reveal some of your personality outside of armchair pop culture criticism?

My TwitterInstagram and Facebook (one personal, one professional) feeds are pretty darn accurate as far as my beliefs, interesting moments in my life, shameless plugs and things in media that capture my attention. I go out a lot more than what my Instagram feed might suggest, but as a writer in NYC, my professional and personal lives are very intertwined. I just don’t feel the need to photograph myself with every person I see or every cocktail I sip. New York is a lovely and lively place. I try to keep my social media stuff a little broader. Everything you see is straight up me (No photographing bottles I haven’t popped or any such nonsense), but it’s just not every single thing in my life.  Oh and since I’m post-divorce, I never (NEVA) post pics of the boo of the moment. Nope. Nu uh. Ya’ll probably won’t see pics of whoever I’m digging until I’m walking down the aisle…again.

But at the same time, I don’t have a problem with aspirational social media feeds. I know folks who constantly post feel-good mantras and Bible-thumping memes who are SO not about that life. But I hear it. I kinda like the idea of filling your social media feed (and brain) with positive things even if your life is not that.

I do not condone the aspirational social feeds that make it seem like folks are living a life they are not living as far as money and access and things of that nature. Cashing a check at the check cashing spot and posting a pic of the hundred dollar bills when you KNOW you have to use that money to keep your lights on…not so cute. That’s especially not cute when you are a real life grown up. I classify real adults as 26 and up.

How well does your social media feed line up with your reality? Are you more of an aspirational poster? Are you a brain dump/no filter poster?

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  • E

    Don’t agree with the adult=26 & up notion…if you have a job, pay your bills, live on your own, and support yourself completely, I think you classify as an adult IMO..

    But in regards to the blog post in general, I agree–most people probably don’t live the life they portray on their social media feeds. Their real life, I would bet, is much different.

  • Missie

    Yes it is..I know of a married couple that always post living it up pictures..No food in their frig,,she has three kids, he has two from previous marriage. Car repo’d..No money to pay bills cause they begging from folks on the down low…just messy but if you looked at all their social media, you swear they were high rollers..Social media has alot of folks messed up.

  • I know people who’s real life and social media life don’t match up at all, friends, family and foes alike. I don’t know why people waste time. What’s the point? And what’s gonna happen on the day that you piss someone off bad enough and they decide to put you on blast?

  • Breonnaq

    Someone posted a fb status asking why people feel the need to hype themselves up and appear better than they truly are. One of the responses were, “why should people highlight their weaknesses?”

    Some people live these falsified lives on social media and I never understood why. I know a few individuals who deem their self worth and value off social medias (post damn near naked pictures just to get Instagram likes and comments so they can feel sexy and validated).

    A lot of people are so tied up in social medias and portraying a glamorous life online that they forget to work on their actual life offline.