Deciding to relocate takes a lot of research, resourcefulness, optimism, and sheer nerve. Times that by 3 (or more depending on your level of wanderlust) when considering a move to a whole new continent. The desire to emigrate varies from person to person, but unless you are fortunate enough to be financially independent, you’ll likely need to find a source of income after settling into your newfound home.

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  • Samy

    The high rise buildings you wrote about in Accra are a problem in many more ways than they are positive. In many cases, these constructions are simply absurd, towering over townships as they stand unfinished, yet have money pumped into their constitution for the profit of some European company. The hotel under construction by Labadi Beach is one example. The rent in the city as already insanely high, and there is no reason to run it up further. And what does this have to do with Nigerians? Mhm…

  • Thank you for this article. I have been to Dar es Salaam and would love to go back. This article is truly a breath of fresh air.
    #From an African in South Carolina

    • I live in SC too! I would love to visit Africa, though I was leaning more towards Nigeria

  • JS

    I love this site so much, so many of my favorite articles are written here, always insightful, funny and inspiring! I’ve been a reader for years now. It’s the perfect mixture of everything I care about as a 22 y/o black woman. I do agree that more articles on travel (like this one) would be so amazing. There are great travel blogs/sites dedicated to black travel experiences (travel noire is my newest favorite), but I’d love if y’all got in on the action too! So many people (including myself) are looking for resources on living/working abroad, I’m in the process of deciding whether to attend grad school next year or travel (leaning more towards travel). I come here for all my information & I’d love it if more articles were dedicated to topics like this because many of us are traveling or looking for ways to do so.

    Keep up the amazing work!

    • Kay

      I agree with you 100%. i would very much like to travel during my summer vacation while in undergrad. I would love to visit Accra, Ghana.