ku-mediumUniversity of Arizona women’s basketball team assistant coach Sean LeBeauf still has a job, but a string of sexual harassment allegations from his previous job have now been made public.  Before taking the post in Arizona, LeBeauf was director of athletics and the head coach of the women’s basketball team at Paris Junior College in Texas.  Alleged incidents at the junior college are at the heart of a complaint filed by Ebonee Tate.

Tate says that in 2012, LeBeauf made numerous unwanted advances including blowing kisses at her and sending her text messages like “U need to lose 10 lbs… U need to lose weight… Ur sexy at 164, but u would be even sexier at 155.”

Tate says she told the school’s president Pam Anglin about the incidents and Anglin told Tate, “sometimes men will flirt and harass you in the “real world” and that Tate should learn to deal with it.” According to the complaint, LeBeauf got wind of the meeting and threatened to take away Tate’s scholarship. Tate did in fact end up losing her scholarship and dropped out the school.

The complaint also details past allegations from other students, including a player who says LeBeauf kissed her and another player who says he sent pictures of his genitals to her mother.  Yet another player says she and LeBeauf had sex in 2010. Deadspin has a copy of the complaint in its entirety.

Good for Tate for taking legal action. Have you ever been sexually harassed? Did you ever go the authorities? Why or why not?

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