We tuned into Saturday Night Live this past weekend to see Sasheer Zamata’s debut, but were also pleasantly surprised by how well Drake performed on the show. While Drake began his career on the teen-drama Degrassi High, his performance proved that he has amazing comedic chops.

During the episode, Drake made light of his Black and Jewish heritage (he’s Blewish!); imitated his Young Many cohort, Lil Wayne; poked fun at embattled MLB star Alex Rodriguez; and rapped about short-lived New Year’s Resolutions. But it was his Katt Williams impersonation that really made us laugh.

Check it out:

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  • I initially watched to see Sasheer but totally forgot about her while watching Drake. He was really good. But as I recall, newcomers don’t make a grand debut.

  • I can’t watch the video and I kind of forgot about SNL this weekend. But I hope his Kat impression is funny and people are just not saying it is because it’s Drake.

    • Me

      he sound like katt williams if he was a newscaster

  • Blasè

    kinda annoying that the internet is acting like television… can’t see the vid, thanks to territorial whatevers. hope i remember to watch next saturday.

  • Nic

    He is “unique” looking and I don’t like his music but Drake was funny and I don’t doubt his acting skills considering how many good characters he played. SNL’s writing isn’t the best but he was a much better guest that normal and I think he played well with what he was given.
    Maybe he should give up “rapping” and go into acting full time. I mean, it’s worked for Ice-T and LL Cool J, and he definitely has more range than either of them (LL will be fine forever so I’m okay with him being on my TV any kind of way).