Admittedly some of us are really partial to dark-skinned men, so I cracked up on Yellow, the newest addition to the Blackandsexytv’s lineup that includes the That Guy, roomieloverfriends and Hello Cupid web series.

Written, directed and created by Numa Perrier, Yellow is a docu-series that chronicles the “pleasure and problems of the light-skinned black man.”

In the premiere webisode entitled Butterscotch, Austin becomes acquainted with blind date Myla over salads. Myla admits to Austin how she pictured him based on his deep voice.

“I was expecting you to be different,” she confesses. “Like darker.”

Aw, nah, Myla. You weren’t supposed to come out and say that. Enter awkward silence and the swift end to that date.

But does she get a chance to redeem herself? What happens next?

Check out the first webisode and stay tuned for episode 2, which airs January 26.

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