Admittedly some of us are really partial to dark-skinned men, so I cracked up on Yellow, the newest addition to the Blackandsexytv’s lineup that includes the That Guy, roomieloverfriends and Hello Cupid web series.

Written, directed and created by Numa Perrier, Yellow is a docu-series that chronicles the “pleasure and problems of the light-skinned black man.”

In the premiere webisode entitled Butterscotch, Austin becomes acquainted with blind date Myla over salads. Myla admits to Austin how she pictured him based on his deep voice.

“I was expecting you to be different,” she confesses. “Like darker.”

Aw, nah, Myla. You weren’t supposed to come out and say that. Enter awkward silence and the swift end to that date.

But does she get a chance to redeem herself? What happens next?

Check out the first webisode and stay tuned for episode 2, which airs January 26.

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  • Nic

    That dude is fine has all get out. It is crazy how on the shows he keeps getting clowned by women who are feening for someone else and are just using him. Do men that look like that really get clowned (and his character is not an idiot or jerk or something else that would negate his looks). I could not imagine ignoring that dude for a guy who didn’t want me. Crazy.

  • Cee Cee

    it looked interesting but I am totally over the whole skin color thing. Why even make that a part of the show? I just don’t get it. Can’t watch.

  • MELIMel

    Im tired of colorism! He is so freaking sexy. Takes care of himself. Speaks clearly…wtf do these women want?!!
    I feel for him cause he and i are similar complexion. Some call me yellow, then some say im brownskinned….why the f should it matter.
    Black women and this sad ass skin shade classification system! System in which the men have to be chocolate to be sexy, and the women have to be yellow to be sexy.
    Sadly i was raised by a grandmother who passed the ‘paper bag test’ and introduced me to this ignorance.

    Im 28 i thought this light vs. Dark was played out.

  • Ok, this dude looks exactly like my brother, seriously I almost sent my brother a text and asked him if he was in a web show I didn’t know about. . .

    But yeah, Black women kind of diss light skinned guys for dumb reasons. . .

    We’ve been conditioned by media. Think of all the movies where the obviously better looking guy who’s light skinned gets dissed over the other guy who’s darker skinned.

    Think Derek Luke and Boris Kodjoe in Baggage Claim. My sister and I stay scratching our head over why this meme of light skin guys even if they are attractive aren’t to be considered the most desirable. .

    I really don’t get it.

    • Nic

      If your brother really looks like this and likes black woman I have trouble believing he gets dissed. B/c for reals…dang.

    • Nic

      Oh, and tell your parents, “well done, well done indeed.” I’m going to need to give them a standing ovation on that one.

    • Haha!

      He really does.

      Yes he would get dissed.

      Black women have a really strong concept of what it means to be a Black man.

      When you don’t fit the mold you then you kind of have a hard time. . .It’s weird. Just like being a darker skinned female, even if you’re miles prettier a lot of Black men have a rigid concept of Black female beauty, if you don’t fit the mold then you have a hard time.

      As a community we tend to be a lot more forgiving when we date inter racially, which has always confused me. . .

      Chicks were forever assuming my brother had a white girlfriend, it was really trippy.

      I’ll give my moms a high five tonight, lol.

  • ETC

    I will just say that Austin is extremely gorgeous! Also, I date all races of guys so skin shade is irrelevant. I mean if women are supposed to be attracted to guys darker than themselves, how come cute white and Latino guys have no issue getting dates? The idea of darker man/lighter woman does not work in most situations. Look inside the person to see if they have good character and look on the outside to see if the dude is a cutie( the body and face type that is your preference). In real life, Austin would have no issues getting a girlfriend…especially if he asked me out(just saying!)