Wendy Williams isn’t afraid to tell her audience how she really feels, but on a recent episode, the talk show diva shared a bit too much about her struggles at home.

Williams, who has been very candid about her past drug use, her husband’s infidelity,  her plastic surgery, and the difficulty juggling her career while raising her son “Little Kevin,” broke down in tears while discussing Madonna’s use of the n-word to describe her son.

While many wondered what the hell Madonna was thinking for referring to her son as “disn-gga,” Wendy lamented the fact that unlike Madonna’s son, who came to her defense, Little Kev doesn’t like his mom anymore.

Wendy could barely contain her tears as she told her studio audience that her 13-year-old son “is breaking her heart” because he is “all into his father” instead of loving up on his mom.  Wendy acknowledged her son is going to a phase, but explained his disregard for her feelings is extremely painful.

Though I don’t deny Wendy loves Little Kevin and is struggling to cope with his teenage angst, I don’t think airing their problems on national television was the best move.

Take a look and tell us what you think:

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