Relationship Experts

So many people these days pass themselves off as “relationship experts” because they can spew out some common sense advice and quote Dr. Phil.  Eh. We can do without that. When we listen to people dole out relationship advice, we want to hear something that actually makes us analyze our lives and romantic decisions.  Here is a list of five people who actually make sense when they talk about this relationship stuff.

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  • K

    What is a hood engagement??

  • As Zara Green’s life and business partner, just wanted state for the record that our work with the Grown Zone serves both men and women. Regardless of gender, to create healthy relationships (not limited to just romantic) requires growth beyond adult and messy choices to making Grown Decisions. Thanks to Clutch Mag Online and Demetria Irwin for recognizing Zara!

  • Angel

    I’m SO surprised, blackgirlsareeasy.com didn’t make it! That’s one of the best blogs I’ve came across yet!

  • Wow you must not know about http://www.nolovedrama.com. She speaks from experience and has a Masters degree. *evil grin*