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Watching rom-coms could save your marriage
According to a University of Rochester study, watching and discussing romantic comedies as a couple has about the same impact as couples therapy in reducing the divorce rate.  The study was published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. There were 174 couples used in the study. Ronald Rogge, lead researcher for the study has a theory as to why the movie and discussion model worked as well as therapy. “For these couples to stop and look and say, ‘You know, I have yelled at you like that before. I have called you names before and that’s not nice. That’s not what I want to do to the person I love the most.’ Just that insight alone, is likely what makes this intervention work,” said Rogg.  The researchers behind the study are offering the public a list of movies and a conversation guide. The movies include Think Like a Man and Her, among others.

Model/actress Eva Marcille welcome a baby girl
Eva Marcille and her partner Kevin McCall had a baby girl over the weekend. McCall posted a picture of couple pictures of the new parents with Marley Rae McCall on Instagram with the caption “Wow she has her mother’s eyes,” said McCall in the caption. “…Never knew I could fall in love again @EvaMarcille #prouddad.” For now, we’ll have to take his word for it about little Marley having mom’s eyes. The posted pictures don’t show the baby’s face. Congratulations to the proud parents!

President Obama issues African American History Month Proclamation
In an official proclamation, President Obama declared February to be National AfricanAmerican History Month. The proclamation reads in part “During National African American History Month, we honor the men and women at the heart of this journey — from engineers of the Underground Railroad to educators who answered a free people’s call for a free mind, from patriots who proved that valor knows no color to demonstrators who gathered on the battlefields of justice and marched our Nation toward a brighter day.” President Obama urged all Americans to observe the month with programs and activities.

#WhiteFeministRants hashtag finds a home on Twitter
Twitter has become quite the hotbed of discussion for feminism and race and especially the intersection of the two. Over the weekend, that intersectionality surfaced once again with the hashtag #WhiteFeministRants. As is frequently the case with popular Twitter hashtags, many of the points made were salient and humorous. “’You were NOT supposed to do twitter better than us. This was NOT agreed upon in the convo that we excluded you from’ #whitefeministrants “ read one comment from @kchamomile.

Laverne Cox delivers inspiring speech
Transgender activist Laverne Cox gave a rousing speech at the Creating Change conference. The Orange is the New Black actress danced and lip-synched to Beyoncé’s “Flawless” before she launched into her speech. “This feels so amazing, all this love that you’re giving me tonight. I have to say that a black, transgender woman from a working class background raised by a single mother — that’s me — getting all this love tonight. This feels like the change I need to see more of in this country,” said Cox. She then went on to recount some of the intense bullying she endured as a child and as an adult. Cox also paid homage to transgender activists who came before her and encouraged everyone to be more respectful and inclusive.

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