In the past few weeks, Facebook and Twitter have been overflowing with “inspiring” articles focusing on regrets.  We’ve seen “The Top 10 Things Elderly People Regret,” “20 Most Common Regrets People Have On Their Deathbed,” and more. We found all of these articles interesting, if a bit morbid, but there was something we thought was missing from this conversation: the things you don’t regret. Because yes, we’ll probably all regret working too much or not having a totally zen relationship with our moms, but what about taking a spontaneous trip to Paris? Or pushing your way to the front of that once-in-a-lifetime concert? Or asking that cute guy out for coffee? There are some things in life that, no matter what happens, you’re going to look back on and say, “I’m really fucking glad I did that.” Here are 50 of them:

1. Charging a ticket to Paris even though you have no money in savings.

2. Staying out all night dancing.

3. Joining AAA.

4. Buying an impeccably made coat, purse, or boots.

5. Going up to that cute guy on the subway and asking if you know him from somewhere.

6. Getting a massage on your day off.

7. Buying fleece leggings in the dead of winter.

8. Working out, especially when you really don’t feel like it.

9. Standing up for yourself.

10. Being honest, even when it’s really hard.

11. Stopping on your way home from work for a bouquet of flowers.

12. Working for that awful boss, because now you have nerves of steel.

13. Peeing before you hit the road.

14. Getting cellphone insurance.

15. Studying abroad.

16. Being the bigger person.

17. Getting bangs (at least once).

18. Waiting in line for hours to be in the front row for your favorite band.

19. Saying “sorry” first.

20. Sending a sweet card to someone, just because.

21. Planning a special surprise party for your BFF.

22. Finishing that book that you always dreamed about writing, even if it never gets published.

23. Dumping a shitty friend.

24. Packing a snack in your bag.

25. Karaokeing “Total Eclipse Of The Heart.”

26. Rocking a gorgeous bikini, no matter what your abs look like.

27. Calling someone out for being a bully.

28. Putting on a bit of mascara before you go to the grocery store.

29. Throwing out your “goal jeans.”

30. Opting out of an internet comment war.

31. Showing people your art.

32. Paying for the person in line behind you at the coffee shop.

33. Taking the scenic route.

34. Trusting your gut.

35. Quitting a job that’s sucking your soul.

36. Leaving a huge tip on a small bill.

37. Asking for a hotel room upgrade.

38. Hiking for miles to admire a once-in-a-lifetime view.

39. Moving to a new city and starting over.

40. Backing up your hard drive.

41. Applying for that job you might be under qualified for, but just might be able to land.

42. Going on a friendcation at least once.

43. Blowing off a social engagement because a loved one needed you.

44. Making time in your schedule to volunteer for a cause you believe in.

45. Ordering that insanely decadent dessert at the fanciest restaurant you’ve ever been to.

46. Test-driving before you buy (this applies to everything).

47. Breaking up with someone you’re just meh about.

48. Buying that one-of-a-kind vintage piece that is just slightly out of your price range.

49. Adopting a pet.

50. Sticking with that thing that was a hobby when you were a child, especially when it becomes your career as an adult.


The Frisky

This post originally appeared on The Frisky. Republished with permission.


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  • omfg

    i was once in my city’s chinatown and stopped to talk to this older (70s/80s)chinese man. i was at a food cart. he had recently moved to the states from china. he was one of the most inspiring, awesome people i’ve ever met. just a sweet fella who told me to travel as much as i can and do what i want.

    i’m trying very hard to do this. i guess growing up in china he was never able to do a lot of things so he takes nothing for granted, and didn’t want me to either.

  • wr

    i loooovve “32. Paying for the person in line behind you at the coffee shop.”

    the thought of doing that makes me smile, and I may do this week

  • Planning is a Necessity

    American Express don’t take “no regrets” when the bill is due end of the month, this kind of mindless spending is not for everyone IJS, personally I will REGRET for a long long long time stuff like paying for a ticket to Paris, incurring additional $$ hotel & food (I know, I will be asking for & filling job applications at the airport/hotel checkin while in serious distress:/)

  • I don’t find these lists morbid because as someone who is just a few weeks shy of 40, I’m more aware of my mortality so I basically these lists as prescriptive. For example, don’t pass up opportunities to have fun, spend time with your kids, love, love, and love. Oh, and keep negativity out of your life.

  • Me

    side eye:

    1. um… interest is real boo. i been a debt slave long enough
    3. learning how to change my own tires is cheaper.
    12. had nerves a steel before working for that ass-hat… i regret wasting so many yrs (& it wasn’t even that many) in a dead end position… get out sooner rather than later, ain’t nothing cute about starting back at square one b/c you thought working for a jackass would give you confidence.
    14. cellphone insurance is a scam.. paying $60/yr vs learning how to take care of my stuff?
    17. i still don’t forgive the one stylist that gave me bangs against my permission… i like my fivehead dammit… get used to it!
    29. sounds like quitting before you get to the finish line… i’m not down w/that
    35. um… but #12 just said….

    a lot of these sound like some 19 yr old who ain’t had that lesson in “your credit takes FOREVER to bounce back when you act like your money is rubber but of course if you got mom & dad around to pay for everything you wouldn’t know that now would you” yet. one thing i won’t regret is saving up to do things WITHOUT having to break the bank first. decadent desserts, fancy trips, and “one of a kind” things that ain’t really all that one of a kind anyway will still be around when my money gets right.

    • Simone L

      Yeah…when I saw that “charge a trip to Paris…” I’m like…uhh…sounds nice but god forbid my boiler breaks in the winter, something pops up medically, I lose my job, etc etc etc…that trip to Paris better carry you, honey!! But you are on track. they must be 19….