Do it for the vine girl

I’m not sure how many time I’ve watched this video, but it has to be no less than 50 times. And without fail, every time I see it, she brings a smile to my face.

I have no idea who this little cutie is, but everything about her–her little ballet leotard, her tights, her glasses, her infectious smile–screams happiness.

Perhaps she reminds me of a time when I was a little Black girl unburdened by the weight of being Black and female in a world that views both as a slight. Perhaps I covet her confidence, her freedom, her energy.

Whatever the case may be, this little child is pure magic–Black girl magic–and I love it.

I wish I could bottle up her little juju and sprinkle it over myself whenever I’m feeling down or unsure or beat down by being a Black woman in this world. Unfortunately, I can’t. But I have this video, and sometimes, it’s enough.

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  • Mmmgood

    There was no booty shaking (and besides, someone could argue that ballet or whatever dance class that child is in–as formal as it is–has girls displaying their bodies to some degree), no dancing to Rihanna or Beyonce, so I vote this video and little girl super cute.

  • Angelique

    I saw this when it was first posted and LOVE IT! She’s sooooo cute!

  • I didn’t know that being a black woman was such a burden or maybe even a curse. Yes, I agree that we face challenges as a group but reading this almost made it seem as though there was an ongoing slaughter of black women in broad day light. We’re labeled as bitter and angry often enough, let’s lighten the mood, it certainly isn’t that horrible.

    • Shane

      I’m a Black MAN but I read it and thought the same thing. Guess there are some things I just won’t ever understand. I mean, dang. Being Black does have its challenges but I WOULDN’T TRADE IT FOR THE WORLD.

  • Shanti

    I feel the same way.. When bad days come a stroll down to this shared post and she makes me happy! I too want to bottle her up or hug her soooo tight!! She has a beautiful spirit and its infectious.. Love it.. Glad they thought to post it!

  • Ajae

    I read the comments and I’m appalled at some of them. Usually we see young girls on videos “twerking” and shaking what their mommas gave them, but this is the cutest video. She make me smile because she’s just dancing. She doesn’t have her behind in the air, nor does she have anything on provocative. When she drops it to the ground, even though the video cuts off, you don’t see her displaying anything adult. Please don’t take this video out of context. She’s innocent!!! I don’t know her, but everytime I see her, like the majority of people who commented on this, she makes me smile.