Juror #8 in the Michael Dunn trial is now speaking out, and she happens to be the lone black woman on the jury. Juror #8 told CNN that people who believed race played a role in their decision not to convict Dunn of first degree murder were misinformed.

“I never once thought about, ‘Oh, this was a black kid, this was a white guy.’ Because that was – that wasn’t the case,” juror number 8, aged 21, told CNN’s Alicia Machado.

“So, for people who say, you know, here’s another white guy who got away with shooting and killing a black kid, what would you tell them?” Machado asked.

“I would tell them that they really should knowledge themselves on the law,” Miles replied.

“If this case wasn’t about race for you, what was it about?” the CNN reporter followed up.

“It was about justice,” juror number 8 responded.

Dear Juror #8,

On what planet have you been living on for this long?

SOURCE: Mediaite

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