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We’re experiencing a moment in time where we’re slowly – and finally, dang it – allowing ourselves to explore ‘n’ express our unique nerdy, dorkish and/or eccentric selves with pride. It’s fitting, naturally, that we salute the following sites, movements and individuals who’ve done their part to cultivate this natural occurring process.

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  • Aria Wilson

    Sometimes I swear we are like crabs in a bucket…SMH.

    Somebody does something positive to express themselves…and we gotta hear about how they “think they better”. Jesus. So exhausting.

    This is great and I wish them success.

  • GeekMommaRants

    We are a global people. There are blacks in most countries even India, China and Russia. Yes, we are special, just like everyone else. Yes, we should celebrate our many many accomplishments. My screen name and life make me a Geek, I love all things technical. This IMO adds to my blackness. Most of us contribute to our community by following our own path. This is a good thing.

  • Let’s stop taking and start doing. Let the work define the movement, and if there wil be one.