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The last thing I needed in my everlasting struggle to workout regularly was another reason to postpone my getting ready and out the door for the gym. But it seems as though, lately, half of the battle has been – “What to Wear?!” Long gone are the days when an oversized t-shirt and comfy sweats would suffice for workout gear. I miss those days. They made my life too easy. But now, due to the advent of social media stunts, it seems as though practicality, comfort, and function have been thrown out the window for most folks. I blame you, Tumblr and Pinterest. And damn you, too, Instagram, for you have have turned my gym into an Around Da’ Way Fashion Week catwalk, and I’m “Sick of it!” The reality is, though, in looking around at the machines and weight areas, you can really tell who came to play and prance versus who came to get it IN based on what they have on. I like to call the two groups, those who are “Fashionably Fit” versus those who are “Full of It”.

Here are a few key items that will help you distinguish the two. Which category do you fall in to (*side eye*)

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  • hahaha! The Timberlands were hilarious. I have def seen random men in the gym with jeans and Timberlands before and thought how uncomfortable that must be.

    At least he’s trying, perhaps?

    As for the leggings: interestingly, my workout partner wears leggings. She doesn’t want to lug around a bag of clothes all day so she makes her leggings double-duty so that she can wear them straight from class to the gym.

  • So funny. Especially considering i am a very large t-shirt and sweatpants type of gal. I looked at many women with a side-eye wondering if they came to workout at all.

  • Me

    the gym i used to go to was full of dudes that worked construction & other handy jobs & they always came in wife beaters, blue jeans, & timbs… i used to think it would be so uncomfortable until i realized they never work out the lower body. chests & arms for days but can’t run a mile… shame.

    i do have cute workout gear, but it ain’t instagram cute. i just wear sweats that flatter and decent racerback tops (still no midsection showing even if it is tone — that ain’t for common eyes), but leggings still feel too 1980s, jane fonda, jazzercise-ish to me. oh & i never felt comfy being outside my house in just a sports bra… too many common eyes glaring at me i guess :)

  • Jenny

    I wear leggings! LOL I just find it to be most comfortable, almost like not wearing any pants at all. I wont lie, I haven’t invested much in gym attire. When my sweat pants and black leggings need to wash, Ive worn my printed and colorful leggings to the gym.
    The important part is that I am going! I dont want to use the excuse of not having plain attire to prevent me from being on my grind.
    Ill wear the hell out of my striped leggings while I dead lift and squat my booty to life.