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The last thing I needed in my everlasting struggle to workout regularly was another reason to postpone my getting ready and out the door for the gym. But it seems as though, lately, half of the battle has been – “What to Wear?!” Long gone are the days when an oversized t-shirt and comfy sweats would suffice for workout gear. I miss those days. They made my life too easy. But now, due to the advent of social media stunts, it seems as though practicality, comfort, and function have been thrown out the window for most folks. I blame you, Tumblr and Pinterest. And damn you, too, Instagram, for you have have turned my gym into an Around Da’ Way Fashion Week catwalk, and I’m “Sick of it!” The reality is, though, in looking around at the machines and weight areas, you can really tell who came to play and prance versus who came to get it IN based on what they have on. I like to call the two groups, those who are “Fashionably Fit” versus those who are “Full of It”.

Here are a few key items that will help you distinguish the two. Which category do you fall in to (*side eye*)

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