Yesterday marked Facebook’s 10th anniversary, and I’m sure your Facebook feeds were inundated with everyone’s Facebook moments videos. You know, the movies set to sentimental music with selfies galore and struggle plates?  How quickly did those become annoying? Sure, the first one was “awww”, but by the 10th movie, it turned more into “I’m so sick of these damn movies”.

To mark their 10th anniversary, Facebook unloaded yet another app to the iTunes store. It’s a new streamlined version of the official Facebook app called “Paper”.

“Paper” is quite easy to explain.

It’s Facebook, but prettier.


As an avid Android aficionado, I would say I was a little upset to hear that the app wasn’t launched simultaneously on the Google Play store, until I realized I’ve longed removed Facebook from my phone. I think I’ll pass on giving Facebook yet another reason to read my contacts, call history, email history, text history, and probably whatever else I’ve been doing on my phone history.

The major plus about the new app is that it’s highly customizable.  You see what you want to see. You can swipe between tech news, headlines and the funny stuff.  You finally have control of your cluster-filled newsfeed.


You can download paper via the iTunes store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/paper-stories-from-facebook/id794163692 

Clutchettes, have you tried the new app?

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