The Real Housewives of Atlanta had fists flying on Sunday’s night episode. But along with fists, there were some slurs as well coming from the mouth of Nene Leakes.

During the episode, Leakes repeatedly called Kenya Moore’s friend, Brandon DeShay, a queen and woman. I couldn’t even count how many times the words came out of her mouth.  Not only did I notice, but so did people online. Many of them asked Andy Cohen from “Watch What Happens Live,” why he didn’t feel the need to call Nene out about her comments:


Other people joined in on agreeing that Leakes did blatantly use gay slurs against DeShay:


Writer Xem VanAdams from XEMSays had a few issues with Nene’s comments as well:

During last nights episode of ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’, I watched Nene call Kenya Moore’s friend, Brandon DeShay, a ‘Queen’ and/or ‘Woman’ on numerous occasions. While some of US may use ‘Queen/Kween’ as a term of endearment when engaging amongst one another, Nene used the word on national television to defame the character of another gay man of color. Nene has spent the past five seasons, publicly praising her love for ‘the gays’; a watered down expression that diminishes the role of gay men as nothing more than accessories to her ‘fabulous’ life. While you all latched on to her coattails and held her up as the new holy grail for ‘the gays’, I knew from her phrasing how she REALLY felt towards my LGBT community. Gay men could exist in her space for as long as we were styling her hair, painting her face, dressing her for events and trailing slightly behind her as she walked numerous red carpets.  We in turn, embraced her antics; making it even more comfortable for Nene to use our likeness to further push her brand awareness.

Nene is a woman whose core fan-base is comprised of gay men. She has built her reality television persona by mimicking many of the phrases and mannerisms that make black ‘Kweens’ especially, so ‘entertaining’ to the outside world.

Many people foolishly tuned into ‘Watch What Happens Live’ last night with the expectation that the host would address Nene’s character assassination of Brandon DeShay. Personally, I am not shocked or surprised by the fact that Bravo’s head honcho, Andy Cohen has not addressed the issue publicly. He too represents the contemporary club of television executives that contribute to the emasculation of the gay, black man. Ridiculous shows like ‘Fashion Queens’ exist on Bravo to further perpetuate the notion that all gay men of color are over-the-top flamboyant and interested in nothing more than style, hair, makeup, gossip and glam. These are the only images that are being spoon fed to mainstream America; hence Nene’s comfort in labeling US as ‘Queens’. Andy can’t very well chastise Nene for using ‘Queen’ as a derogatory slur, when an entire series has been created on his network that centers around the stereotypes attached to the word. Think about it….

Clutchettes, what do you think about Nene’s comments?

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  • mary burrell

    I think Marlo had to be checked for gay slurs on Atlanta housewives as well.

  • LJohn

    Everybody is so sensitive nowdays…geesh! Why didn’t this blogger complain about the terminology that Black women used with each other. Why didn’t she complain to Cohen about that as well. Cohen probably doesn’t give a hoot to what Blacks say to each other just as long as he continues to bring in the money to the *blue suits* at Bravo.

  • Oh please! Why is anyone surprised at any thing Nene does? She has proved herself to be the shining example of what others want to believe about Black Women. The mere fact that she would set up a sleep-over for men and women that looked like she and Kenya and the server were in a brothel is the reason for all that mess. She makes all the money on that show and Kenya is trying to equal her. The happening at that disaster was just what Nene had planned. Give the audience the vulgar scene that they wanted. Walking around looking like a big horse in that ugly blonde wig and that lipstick that looked like someone dipped her lips in candle wax. She set them up and they were dumb enough to go along with it. They looked and acted like a bunch of hoodrats for the viewing audience while she made top dollar dragging them all down to that level which is just what the host of these shows need to keep his money (the real money) coming in. I saw them all like Nene. and that’s not a compliment.

  • Dr.C Armani Trosclair

    Why all of the sudden the, I quote; the gay community has a issue with the names they wear so proud any other time ( in certain setting). When all the girls aka diva’s [boys in pumps] where on the show on a regular it was ok and funny to throw all those slurs around, now it isn’t cool. Please make your fucking minds up. Talk about confusion. Jezzzz

  • AphroditeBull

    To the posters defending NeNe:
    Huge misconception about the gay community. Not every gay male is a ‘Queen’ or a fashion accessory. Some gay men are classified as the ‘alpha’ male or masculine type. NeNe needed the support of the gay community to bring in the top bucks. A demagogue at its best! A disingenuous facade and shrewd liberal agenda indeed. Remember, it’s not the term that’s used, it’s how it’s used. It was meant to be derogatory, offensive, condescending, and tactless. Brandon isn’t Miss Lawrence. This is why the term seem ambiguous and obscure for many individuals. Not every non-effeminate gay man wants to be classified as a ‘Queen’ solely for his sexual orientation.