In this week’s episode of “White People Say Some Of The Dumbest Sh*t,” gun lobbyist, Larry Pratt recommended that black people in the U.S. should learn to improve their attitudes by paying attention to “Africans from Africa” who he said were more “happy”.

The interview took place on the Gun Owner’s News Hour show during a conversation that included mentioning the best Catholic priests were from Africa. American Thinker writer Selwyn Duke told Pratt, that Africa is filled with intelligent men with PhDs.

“And generally the African from Africa is a very pro-American person, a very happy person,” Pratt stated. “I know several. And they always just happy with a joke, pleasant smile on their face. And they clearly don’t identify with the surliness that’s all too frequently the attitude of their fellow African-Americans here.”

“And they’re very conservative politically,” he continued. “The country of Ghana, it’s still illegal to commit an abortion, it’s illegal to be a homosexual. Very conservative social laws and very free market oriented as well.”

Duke agreed and pointed out that the types of Africans that could afford to come to the U.S. were of “a better stripe.”

“They tend to be educated, they tend to be a little more upper class than a lot of the Africans who can’t get here,” Duke said.

“It’s the way we used to run our immigration system altogether,” Pratt replied. “These are folks that stand apart and hopefully they can approach some of their fellow blacks and say, ‘Hey, buddy, you got this all wrong, let me explain to you the world really works.’”

So apparently these two white men assume every African is walking around singing Pharrell’s “Happy” 24-7.  On next week’s episode, they’ll talk about how happy the slaves were when they were picking cotton, until those damn Northerners came and interrupted their annual Negro Spiritual retreat with talks of freedom.


Source: Right Wing Watch

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  • Elisa

    I don’t agree. I want diversity around me. I don’t believe in separation. I’m also a black woman who has a white mother. I can’t really choose separation.

  • BeanBean

    Hmmm, this sounds like the old docile negro, happy in slavery and ignorance argument! They used to say that blacks who were slaves were happier than free blacks because they had free food and shelter. This man wants african-americans to take a cue from Africans? Last time I checked American blacks freed ourselves from slavery and fought for our rights while Africans were being controlled by a white minority. We are the way we are because we are fighters, survivors, and we don’t take kindly to being treated as second class citizens.

    • Anthony

      That’s pretty unfair. While Civil Rights were going on, there the Mau Mau in Kenya, and revolutions in Guinea Bissau, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Most of Africa did not have to fight wars for independence, but that that does not mean were not agitating for freedom.

    • blogdiz

      And Once Again Willie Lynch has won the divide and conquer war and some of us dont even know it …SMH

    • You beat me to it. First they try to convince us that we were sold by other Africans … when slavery actually began as a case of disposing prisoners of war which ironically seemed as the sanest thing to do than killing them

  • Miss E

    @ Beanbean: implying that Africans are more docile & less of survivors/ fighters than African-Americans is playing right into the hands of this racist as what he seeks to do is ‘divide& conquer’ or pitch us against each other.In the same way that several admirable African-Americans (Rosa Parks, Dr. King, Malcom X etc) fought bravely for their civil rights, several Africans ( shaka zulu, yaa asantewa, nkrumah, lumumba, senghor etc) fought bravely for their freedom. African countries did not win their independence from colonization on a silver platter. Several lives were lost but they kept fighting. I think we should all learn from our elders (the civil rights leaders of the 60s & the African freedom fighters of the same era) who inspired & supported each other rather than tearing each other down. Read about what Malcom X, Dr. King, Mohammed Ali & Maya Angelou wrote about their visits to Ghana. Peace.

    PS: At the end of the day, we all descended from the same ‘fighting ancestors’. If we were to trace back, we might even discover that your great-great grandmother & mine are one & the same person.

    • BeanBean

      I never implied Africans are docile. I said: what this white guy is saying mimics the old ‘docile nego slave’ theory. White people thought blacks were happy with slavery because they smiled and acted happy around white people. This man thinks Africans are docile and more ‘behaved’ than AA because he sees them smiling. Im not sure why so many people did not understand my comment. The relationship/conflict between AA and american whites is unique to these specific groups.

    • Miss E

      It seemed that this portion of your comment “Last time I checked American blacks freed ourselves from slavery and fought for our rights while Africans were being controlled by a white minority” implied that while AAs were fighting for their freedom, Africans were allowing themselves to be controlled by a minority. & I was stating that this was not the case. Sudan, Ghana & other countries fought hard fir their independence way back in the ’50s & it was a struggle that was often fatal. I know because my granduncle was a veteran who was shot for protesting against the colonialists

    • Somebody

      “…my granduncle was a veteran who was shot for protesting against the colonialists.” Reminds me of our Social Studies lesson about Seargent Adjetey, Corporal Attipoe, and Private Odartey who were shot at the Christiansborg Crossroad, Ghana fighting for their rights. Yes, we fought too!

    • Miss E

      @ Somebody, Ete sen? Yes o you’re right! my granduncle was part of that group of veterans. The British brought a truck to my village & forcefully conscripted my granduncle & most of the able-bodied men in my village at that time. Some of them were never seen again. They were sent to fight in WWII & the few who returned came back maimed, traumatized & unemployed. They were never paid any compensation & when they protested they were shot. These stories are hardly told. White people never talk about how Africans fought the Germans & helped to liberate Europe during WWII.

    • Somebody

      @Miss E, b)k))! Have a great weekend, and thanks for sharing.