Jordan Davis’ Killer Yelled “I Hate Thug Music" Before Shooting Black Teen”

Last week, the trial of Michael Dunn, also known as “yet another George Zimmerman”, started in Florida. Dunn is accused of killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis, in the parking lot of a 7-11 of a gas station on November 23, 2012. Authorities say that Dunn shot the van of unarmed teens because of the loud music coming from their car. Davis was killed from the gun shots, while the other occupants were seriously injured. Although Dunn stated he “thought” the teens had a weapon, police never recovered one.

Saturday, Rhoda Rouer testified that Dunn  Dunn told her “I hate that thug music” as she walked into the convenient store to buy snacks.  While she was in the store, is when the argument over loud music occurred between Dunn and Davis. Tevin Thompson said he never heard Davis threaten Dunn. Thompsons also said that the cars were so close together that neither would have been able to exit their vehicles.

During the argument Dunn fired three shots into the passenger door. The shots pierced Davis’ liver and aorta.  After shooting at the car, Dunn casually returned to his hotel with Rouer, and made rum and cokes and ordered a pizza. As if nothing ever happened, apparently.

Dunn has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder related to three teens — Leland Brunson, Tommie Stornes and Tevin Thompson — also in the vehicle with Davis.

Dunn’s attorney is arguing for his innocence based on Florida’s insane “Stand Your Ground” law.

The state attorney’s office of jacksonville released letters that Dunn wrote to his family while in prison.  Included in the letters were various racial epithets. He called black people gangster ghetto thugs, and mentioned how racist blacks are. He also hoped for an all-white republican jury. He left his daughter with these words of advice, “This may sound a bit radical, but if more people would arm themselves and kill these fucking idiots when they’re threatening you, eventually they make take the hint and change their behavior.”

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  • Mari

    And whites want to act like black people are the ones with innate violent tendencies.

    • Kyle

      We black men have violent tendencies. All Black communities like Detroit, southside of Chicago, Brooklyn have crime off the damn charts. When its black on black black folks feel hurt for 2.5 seconds and hit club partying with no care given. When its a white dude we get all angry cut the bs. I hate what this man did but in a way I understand. We brothas can be rude as all hell with the crap music ie young jeezy and whatever latest rap tune mixtape is out. Some brothas say nigga but get emotional like the single welfare mother that raised them when white people say it BROTHA please. This is 1 reason why I moved to an all OLDER WHITE community.

      Hell my bestfriend since I was 5, was murdered dead a father, college grad and fiancee over a Al Wissam hip-hop leather jacket. No media coverage it was taken as another day in the “neighborhood”. I called it neighborhood being political correct. In real life I call it something else. Some say I’m too hard on brothas. I’m only 25. I was raised with standards. Its not my fault certain members of the community like to smoke weed, stay screwing like rabbits and have 4 or 5 kids by the age of 30.

      For me its about A QUALITY OF LIFE. I’ve worked for that with my degrees at 25 I deserved a better community when I paid in full to reside in.

      This is why I tell my mentees turn that loud rap and or rock music down. No one wants to hear that bs after a long day of work. Yes black folk listen to rock AC Dc, White Snake, Gary Clark Jr or some quality jazz Chick Corea, Aaron Diehl, etc etc.

      Yes I’m harsh but these young brothas from fatherless no guidance, who don’t even know how to tie a let alone a bow tie or understand the value of writing thank you notes after interviews.
      Hell they don’t even understand the value of saving for retirement, nor do they understand about life insurance. I have a retirement account, life, health and dental insurance. I’m show my mentees why its important to have all your affairs in order.

    • Mari

      Uncle Ruckus is that you?!

  • Blue

    And I hate heavy metal but you don’t see me shooting up anybody who blast it from their car. It’s obvious hate was already in his heart & he just needed a poor excuse to act out on it. He should have pumped his gas & kept it moving.

  • Tammy1

    If this is a Florida case, it may be a repeat of Zimmerman; hope that doesnt happen though