Filmmaker Janks Morton and the folks over at Black and Married With Kids are at it again. In the latest episode of the web series, Truths You Won’t Believe, Morton shares yet another startling fact about Black women the media continues to ignore.

Despite the misconceptions and stereotypes about African American women, we are making great strides in education. In addition to half of all Black women ages 18-24 pursuing higher degrees, Black women are beating out ALL other groups, no matter the race or gender, when it comes to overall college enrollment.

According to the data, 9.7 percent of Black women are enrolled in college. Asian women are second, with 8.7 percent working toward degrees, followed by Asian men at 8.4 percent, White women at 7.1 percent, Black men at 7.0 percent, Hispanic women at 6.6 percent, White men at 6.1 percent, and Hispanic men at 5.9 percent.

Although African Americans continue to make gains in higher education, the mainstream media has ignored our achievements.  Despite leading all groups in college enrollment and rapidly increasing the numbers of African American who have bachelor’s degrees to 19.6 (up from just 11.3 percent in 1990), “alarming” statistics about our parenting choices and marital status remains the media’s focus.

But we know the truth. And now, through the work of Morton and the Black and Married With Kids team, the whole world can know as well.

Watch the latest episode of Truths You Won’t Believe and share it with your friends.

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