Ludacris and his daughter’s mother, Tamika Fuller, aren’t getting any closer to resolving their child support and custody issues. As a matter of fact, things are now taking an interesting turn. In response to Fuller’s request for more child support, Ludacris is now seeking full custody and child support from Fuller.

In court documents, Ludacris says he’s a “fit and capable parent” and should get full physical custody.  He has also asked the judge to force Fuller to pay him child support. If you recall, Ludacris previously stated that he was broke, due to the “Fast & Furious 7” being put on hold after Paul Walker’s death.  The judge still set his child support at $7, 000 a month.

Is Ludacris requesting full custody out of spite? There’s nothing wrong with a father having full custody, but why request it after Fuller asked for an increase in child support?

Divorce attorney Shauntese Curry-Trye says Ludacris’ move is typical in cases like this. “Ludacris’ move is classic legal advice- if u don’t wanna pay then go for full custody. But most of the time people (Typically men) don’t understand what that entails so after they go thru my 12 Step Program on How to Win Custody- they are done! Financially and emotionally. It’s not easy and unless you can show that the mother is unfit or other extraordinary circumstances exist, it’s difficult (But not impossible) to win full custody”.

As this court case plays out, it’ll be interesting to see the judge’s decision.

Clutchettes, what do you think about Ludacris’ move to receive full custody & child support? Do you think it’s vindictive?


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  • c.j. hudson

    ummm…I knew he was not a man when he first came out rapping…I do not like him never did like him…Word to the women be careful what man you sleep with cause these men now they are brutal and since they do not want to take responsibility of their actions they are starting to rip the children away from their mothers. Whatever ur intentions are in hooking up with a man (especially when he is famous)u will definitely deal with the consequences.

    • cbmts

      Agreed. though, the argument could be made that if a primary custodian can’t raise a child on a $7000/month plus her own financial contributions, her priorities and decision skills seriously need to questioned.

  • London

    The age of the ho, who thinks that she is going to get knocked up by a rich, male athlete and/or entertainer, and have him pay her child support for the next 18 years is over. These men are taking their script from the Dwayne Wade, Usher, and Chris Bosh playbook. And women, who mess around with these boyz can have their children taken from them, and end up paying child support themselves.

    On the flip side, I feel bad for the real woman, who honestly falls in love, weds, starts a family with a male celeb, and then divorces said male celeb. Now she also risks having her child(ren) taken from her by the courts all because the man doesn’t want to pay child support. This woman’s whole world could be taken from her, but her ex would probably have no problem making it rain 15,000 grand in the strip club the next night. This ish is crazy!!!

    You know, I never understood the draw to these male celebs. A lot of them are still classless with all that money, and they’re a bunch of nasty hoes themselves. But this takes their deplorable nature to another level. If there is no evidence to show that the mother is unfit there is no reason for a young child to be separated from his or her mother. Especially at 2 months old. That’s inhumane!!! I dont think guys like Ludacris care about this child at all. All they care about is the money in their purse because they’re little bitches.

    Women, proceed with caution if you are going to date these type of high profile men. In my opinion, you should run in the opposite direction if you see them coming.

    • Kemba1248

      Amen!! I agree…you reap what you sow.

  • G

    While I do agree, that child support is FOR THE CHILD, the fact is Luda is a wealthy man, and the child should live at the level that is appropriate to his finances!

    Obviously, if Luda was concerned about being “taken for a financial ride” by some greed female, he should have wore a condom!

  • I mean

    If you can make it rain on strippers and hoes, and make it rain on your in your kids gtfoh Luda

    • i mean

      *you can