Lupita Nyong’o is undoubtedly one of the most talked about women in Hollywood right now. From her award winning portrayal of Patsy in 12 Years A Slave, to her flawless sense of style and elegance.  The natural beauty is taking the world by storm.

Besides her sense of fashion style, her hair stands out as well. In a sea of weaves worn in Hollywood by both white and black women, Lupita’s cropped cut is definitely making a statement all in its own.  In a recent interview with Britain’s Pride magazine, Lupita discusses how she doesn’t consider herself a hair icon, but does realize hair is political.

From Telegraph Belfast:

“I wasn’t really aware of being a natural hair icon. I don’t really read the news, so this is the first time I’m hearing that. I’m not surprised though; there is something about hair that has always been political,” she explained to Britain’s Pride magazine.

“Someone has long hair and they cut it, it’s political, when someone grows their hair it’s political. So I don’t know how to answer that. I guess I’m just taking it in my stride.”

But Lupita hasn’t always worn her hair short. Just like many of us, she’s had run-ins with other styles and bad dye jobs.

“When I was in my teens I dyed my hair all sorts of colors; blue and maroon. And then I realized that I was probably going to end up bald by the time I was 40. So I stopped doing all those things and finally decided to love it the way it is,” she said.

Clutchettes, do you think hair is political?

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