Today would have been Jordan Davis’ 19th birthday, but instead of receiving justice for his murder, the Davis family received one of the biggest miscarriages of justice ever, when Michael Dunn was not convicted of first degree murder last night.

Michael Dunn, the Florida man who fatally shot and killed Jordan Davis because of loud music playing in a car, was found guilty on three counts of attempted murder and one count of firing into a vehicle. The jury in his case could not reach a verdict on whether Dunn was guilty of murdering Davis. The jury was made up of four white females, two black females, four white males, an Asian female and a Hispanic male. After 27 hours of deliberation, they were not able to reach a consensus on the first-degree murder charge against Michael Dunn.

Circuit Judge Russell Healey declared a mistrial on the first-degree murder count. State Attorney Angela Corey said after the verdict that her office would retry Dunn for first-degree murder.

Davis’ parents each left the courtroom in tears.

Dunn showed no emotion as the verdicts were read. But afterwards, he turned to his lawyer, Cory Strolla, and asked, “How is this happening?”

“Obviously, my client is devastated at the outcome. Never saw it coming one bit,” Strolla said. “So it’s hard. It’s hard for the family. I know his family’s devastated.”

Circuit Judge Russell Healey ordered a pre-sentence investigation report, which takes about a month to prepare. Afterward, the attorneys will meet at 9 a.m. March 24 to schedule a sentencing date.

Dunn is set to be sentenced in March and could face up to 60 years in prison.

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